This opportunity just fell from the sky and it has your name on it

Isn’t it really nice when an opportunity just lands in your lap?

When blessings, gifts, and good fortune fall from the sky with your name on it and all you have to do to open the gift is to say yes.

Has that not happened to you for a while?

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You may have tried to achieve a style miracle all on your own. You’ve watched my videos, browsed though outfits I put together, or maybe even read my book but have not yet had your style miracle happen.

The reason for this is that you may be suffering from a little bit of style anxiety that is preventing your from consistently seeing results in the style department. Join me on YouTube to learn:

  • Fixed wardrobe planning: Dependable monthly style improvements
  • The wear-to-work style opportunity on the other side of a woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed kinda day
  • 1 reason you shouldn’t be afraid of having low confidence
  • Here is how anyone can get to their style happy place
  • Don’t listen to the Hater’s, here’s what you need to know to get a mirror reflection that makes you pause and think, “Damn, I look good!”
  • Where to get style help for $1
  • Join me on YouTube at 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time to say YES to your Style Miracle.

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Oh yeah one more thing… you’re welcome!!


16 Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

The upside of being a wedding guest is that you will not be required to wear a butt-ugly bridesmaid dress during the nuptials. The downside is now that you have to figure out what to wear to the wedding, that taffeta tooth fairy-looking bridesmaid dress is not looking so bad after all. Before you call your cousin, begging to be a bridesmaid, here are 16 dresses to wear to a wedding.

1. A simple, solid-color sheath dress.
A sheath dress is a close-fitting dress with a hemline at the lower thighs or at your knees. Choose a solid color that is appropriate for the time of year. For spring, think pastels, and for fall, think fall leaves.
2. A wrap dress. A simple wrap dress is easy to pack and easy to wear. This option can work year round.
3. A swing dress in a soft color. A swing dress is a flowy dress that still maintains an A-line shape. This is a great option for spring and summer. Get it in a soft color, like gray, pale pink, butter yellow, light blue, or mint green.
4. A crepe dress. Crepe is a lightweight fabric of silk, cotton, or other fiber with a finely crinkled or ridged surface.
5. A dark-colored, body-conscious dress. A body-conscious dress is very form fitting. To play down the potential sexiness of this dress, wear it in dark or neutral colors.
6. A conservative pencil dress. Just like the infamous pencil skirt, this dress is a little form fitting. Get a conservative pencil dress that you can also wear to work. Dress it up by pairing it with fabulous accessories.
7. An Elvira-style black dress. This is for your goth ex-roommate that is getting married on Halloween. How original? A goth wedding on Halloween. The upside is that you don’t have to buy a Halloween costume next year.
8. A pleated maxi dress. The long dress adds some formality while the pleats add a little class.
9. A tea-length dress. A tea-length dress harkens back to previous eras. It is now classic and romantic. Get a tea-length dress in a girly color or print to play up this very feminine and romantic hemline.
10. One-shoulder dress. A one-shoulder dress is elegant, not sexy, and perfect wedding attire.
11. A lace dress in any color other than tan or white. White lace is reserved for the bride and wedding party, but a lace dress of any other color is perfectly at home at any wedding event.
12. A dress suit. This is a suit that has a dress with a matching jacket. This is a very conservative look, but the color and fabric can make it more appropriate for weddings.
13. Sequin dress. This is perfect for a late-night drive-thru wedding in Vegas. You are out clubbing, and your friend met the guy of her dreams. You’ll stand out in the drunken photos of this wedding event.
14. Asymmetrical hemline dress. This dress says that you like t be a little different yet trendy, and a flowy dress with an asymmetrical hemline says just that.
15. Kimono-inspired dress. This is a great belted look that is figure flattering, whether in a solid color or an interesting print.
16. A long white dress in lace, silk, or satin. This is the ultimate dress to wear to an enemy’s wedding because you are trying to steal her thunder. Wearing a dress like this to the ceremony will be a gigantic thunderclap. Perhaps she should have thought of that before she crossed you!

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#Compliment of the Day

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“Your life is so interesting!”

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Don’t know how to use affirmations? Click here to go to this informative blog post to learn more.

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Conquer Your Curves – Ruler

Conquer Your Curves – Ruler

Welcome to the video series Conquer Your Curves. This series is all about learning to stop working against your god given body shape and to start going with the natural flow and curves of your body to flatter your figure.

This video is for the Ruler body types, get the perfect type of dress to help you to finally conquer your curves.

To get your free digital style recipe card visit: and type in the Password: ruler

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Gives you new insight. Get a free book chapter of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Makeover

#StyleProfile: Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon

Occupation: Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

This outfit is chic because… 

The all black outfit with a pop of color with the clutch purse

You can be chic too by…

Wear all black with just a pop of color with your handbag


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Gives you new insight. Get a free book chapter of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Makeover

What to Wear on a Safari or At Least Dress Like a Chic Woman That Goes on Exotic Safari Vacations

Your vacations may be far from exotic. You might have a 5-day Disney World vacation with your family that leaves you so frustrated that you are secretly planning the assassination of Mickey. Or, a vacation might consist of visiting your aunt in Duluth, a location so exotic that it is sometimes called the Marrakech of Minnesota (a nickname only used by your aunt who suffers from mild dementia). You may not be jetting off to exotic locales like the Australian outback or the African savannah for a safari, but what is stopping you from dressing like the woman who is comfortable with this jet set lifestyle. So here is what to wear on a safari just in case you win the lottery or invent the cure for cellulite. Better yet, let’s play the odds. Here’s how to bring the safari lifestyle to your everyday wardrobe, whether you are in Duluth, enjoying a staycation, or visiting the Happiest Place on Earth… the ice cream aisle of your grocery store:

    • The most essential item to bring the safari to your wardrobe is the timeless safari jacket. Although this item was used for functional purposes for decades, it entered the fashion spotlight in the 1960’s when Yves Saint Laurent catapulted this jacket onto the world stage and it has remained there ever since. This item can be paired with jeans and skirts and can even be used for work attire when worn with a belt around the jacket. The many pockets were intended to be used for elephant gun bullets and insect repellent. Instead you can use them to hold your cell phone, lip gloss, and a secret stash of M&M’s for when your PMS leaves you in an emotional heap on the floor.
    • The second essential item for what to wear on a safari is going to be the crossbody bag. On a safari this would be used to hold your binoculars or a canteen. In the urban jungle, the crossbody bag is a great handbag option for when you have a day running errands because both hands are free to handle what ever you need to do. Sometimes it can take two hands to pick out the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the grocery store aisle.
    • And lastly, you will need knee high boots. In the wild these boots are used to protect your shins and of course the boots don’t have a heel. However, in our everyday life these are anything but utilitarian and you can wear them with a heel since you will not have to outrun hyenas. If you have the appropriate body shape, you can tuck your jeans into your boots for a more modern look (Beware pear shapes, this can make your hips look even wider).

For other ways to incorporate safari into your everyday wardrobe, start mixing in khaki, army green, and animal prints into your outfits. Who needs to worry about what to wear on a safari vacation, when you can have fabulous safari pieces in your everyday wardrobe. Save the plane fare, rent The Lion King and Hakuna Matata with you safari clothes shopping.♥ AJ

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