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“Being awesome is hard, but you’ll manage.”

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Don’t know how to use affirmations? Click here to go to this informative blog post to learn more.

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Your life can sometimes takeover and your sense of style gets worn down, less efficient, and less stylish. www.styletuneup.com

Complete the Look – Summer 2016


RELEASED: June 22, 2016


What better way to learn about style than by playing a game? Watch this episode of Stylecast and learn how to complete this look for a summer barbecue. It includes a maxi dress and sandals. For the bonus second look, learn how to transform the maxi dress for a stylish concert look.

Complete the look-002.008

Wardrobe Items: Multi-color maxi dress, black flat sandals, gold hoop earrings, black bracelet, and gold layered necklace.

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#ClosetConfidential: I’ll take the window seat. Yes, some people (maybe even you) can have a window in your closet.

It is not enough to just love the clothes hanging in your wardrobe, you should also love where they sleep at night… your closet. Shopping in your closet can be as fun and beautiful as shopping in a luxurious boutique. Uncover the confidential (and not so confidential) secrets of beautiful closets, so you can tell your beautiful new blouse “Bonne Nuit.”


I’ll take the window seat. Yes, some people (maybe even you) can have a window in your closet. Click here to see the closet.

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Are you ready for a change? Hell yeah!!!! www.styletuneup.com

Can your sense of style fix your marriage problems? Well, yes and no!

The saying goes, “If nothing changes, then…nothing changes.” Use a style makeover and a hit of confidence as a catalyst to make some changes in yourself, your relationship, and your situation. The style makeover advice is going to be very similar to the style advice you would receive from a marriage counselor. You need to have communication, respect, and compromise.

While some may see fashion and clothes as frivolous, you can’t deny that fashion is beauty. You wonder why a vase of flowers, a beautiful sunset, or a well-decorated house speaks to you. It is because it is beauty, and human beings are innately drawn to it. Your sense of style is an indication of your willingness to accept beauty for yourself, your relationship, and your life. That’s deep stuff—and you thought this was only going to be about frilly dresses and high-heel shoes. Well, that comes later on in the article.

Communication. You show others how you want to be treated. So how do you treat yourself? Does your sense of style show that you are someone who prioritizes herself? Does it show that you matter? Does it show that you even give a damn about yourself? What is it that you want to communicate to the world and yourself with your wardrobe? A bad-a** leather jacket says, “Don’t mess with me.” A bold red dress says, “I don’t care what you think of me.”

Respect. Does your sense of style show that you respect yourself? Does it say, “Hey, I am worth spending an hour on shopping for myself!” or “I am worth buying a dress for!” Have you disrespected yourself? Having a wardrobe full of clothes that you actually like and enjoy looking at means you have repeatedly made the choice of “I like this, and I choose to bring beauty into my life. I deserve to have beauty in my life.”

Compromise. Compromise is good up to a point. With many women, it is not only just a compromise; we often compromise too much and wind up losing ourselves. How many times have you said, “I don’t really need this. I can’t wear that. I just need something to wear.” You have repeatedly compromised on what you choose rather than bringing beauty into your life.

The saying goes, “If nothing changes, then…nothing changes.” Start by changing yourself. Start by changing your clothes. Start by choosing one really beautiful thing to wear tomorrow—just one thing. One thing is not nothing, so anything can be a change.

♥ AJ


Are you ready for a change? Hell yeah!!!! www.styletuneup.com

#Dress For Success


Research and science is finally catching up to what we all know to be true, “Clothes make the wo-man”. True or false, does science, research, and statistics determine your future? Or is your future so bright you need to wear shades (designer shades of course, with matching jacket, purse, and shoes). Answer the poll below:

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#StyleProfile: Amy Schumer

Name: Amy Schumer

Occupation: Comedian

This outfit is chic because… 

Simple black dress with a blue pop of color in the her shoes

You can be chic too by…

Wear your little black dress with only a pop of color in your shoes

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Style Love Story – Oversized Ring and Clutch

Love Story 2 – Oversized Ring and Clutch

Welcome to a style love story. In this video series you’ll learn how two pieces of fashion come together to produce a style match made in heaven. Get ready to fall head over heels in love with these style combinations. Next up, a style story perfect for your next event.