Create a Work Wardrobe to Match Your Hot and Cold Clients

We all have clients who can’t make a decision if their life depended on it, like Mr. “Wait, I want the one house with the walk-in closet,” Ms. “But I also liked the one that had the guest house, and Mr. and Mrs. “Is this all the properties you have to show me?” The life of a real estate professional has many rewards, but the clients can sometimes cause you to Google if you’d receive the death penalty in your state for murder.

You have enough indecision to deal with in regards to your clients. You don’t need to also deal with indecision in regards to what to put on in the morning for your 8 a.m. showing to Mrs. “We decided that we no longer want to make the offer.” You should have ready-made outfit templates. The red blouse goes with the plaid skirt and boots unless it is cold outside, and then, you can wear it with your pea coat and wide-leg gray trousers.

The more hot and cold clients you have to deal with, the more you need to conserve your brainpower by minimizing decisions and having go-to work wardrobe solutions. Let’s say the brand colors of your company are navy, red, and white, and like any superstar real estate professional, you try to coordinate your wardrobe with your branding. So here are some ready-made outfit templates.

Your Red Blouse

  • For your fall and winter work wardrobe: Wear with jeans, brown boots, and a navy blazer.
  • For your spring and summer work wardrobe: Wear with a white pleated skirt, red high heels, and a navy purse.

Your White Pleated Skirt

  • For your fall and winter work wardrobe: Wear with tan knee-high boots with a navy turtleneck sweater.
  • For your spring and summer work wardrobe: Wear with a denim blouse, red high heels, and a red purse.
  • And here’s one last tip to protect your hot and cold clients in unexpected rainy weather: Always keep two umbrellas in your car. Your clients will come to know you as the real estate professional that is always prepared.

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