The Year of YOU!

The Year of You … finally the year that you keep your New Year’s Resolution

Maybe you are reading this on July 4th or October 31st or February 10th. Well think back to Jan 1st of this year, if you are like most Americans you made a New Year’s Resolution (and you were probably dealing with a wicked hangover).

Now let me ask you what happened to that New Year’s Resolution. Is it:

(A) Still on the to-do list (you haven’t given up on it yet if it is still on the to-do list)
(B) You threw in the towel long ago and have vowed to roll it over to the next year (I mean everyone knows that an odd or even number year is a bad time to start a self-improvement project)
(C) Completed by January 5th and wish you had more resolutions to tackle (BTW – we all hate you and please keep that information to yourself – especially as I am faking an ankle injury to avoid tackling my “ become a runner” New Year’s resolution)
(D) Sucking up your mental energy because you know you should persist forward – but unsure of how to go about it

If your answer is A, B, or D, then I think you should get a do-over. In golf it is called a mulligan, as a toddler its called an “oopsie”, and as cook it is called adding “Blackened” before the name of the dish. I think you should get a do-over on your New Year’s Resolution no matter what time of year it is.

This last New Year if in between the confetti, the champagne, and the singing of Auld Lang Syne you vowed to do better with your sense of style. You get a do-over. You can start again. Throw off your earth-toned moo-moo and kick-off your Birkenstock sandals and declare, “Do-Over”.

And now you have a place to turn to get some help in achieving your New Year’s Resolution. There are only three simple steps required to make a big change.

You are going to need to do a lifestyle assessment to determine exactly what changes need to take place so that you can make those changes AND SUSTAIN those changes.

You are going to need to establish some new habits and routines. That way you eliminate the need to think of ways to weasel out of things – what I can’t go to the gym I have to sit by the phone and wait for a pollster to call – we each have to do our part in a democratic society.

And lastly, you are going to need a plan.

That is really all that is needed to make a self improvement change happen. Whether that is losing weight, getting organized, traveling more, or improving your sense of style.

You need three things. Lifestyle assessment, new habits or routines, and a plan.

Sounds so simple, right? It is so simple and you will be kicking yourself for continuing to put this off the entire year.

Here’s an example, let’s say your New Year’s Resolution is to dress more feminine.

Lifestyle Assessment – it is hard for you to wear dresses because at work you are running around all day except for Friday when you are in meetings all day and usually go out for Happy Hour after work on.

Lifestyle Assessment – done!

New habits or routines – Wear a dress every Friday to work. You’ll be dressed more feminine on a day that is more convenient and then you will look super cute when you go out after work. If it is cold or raining, you add tights and or boots.

New routines or habits – Done!

Plan – You don’t currently have enough dresses to execute this new habit. On the first of every month, you do this for a year. Make sure you switch it up so that you have dresses for work, day, dates, or events. By the end of the year, you will have 12 new dresses and hopefully a new man (or 2) with you showing off your legs everywhere.

Plan – Done!

I told you it was simple, now you’ll be one of the people who answer C to the question at the beginning of this article. In which case, people will hate you, keep that information to yourself, and by then I will be trying to get a prescription for an emotional support animal to help with my fear of running (hey, a fake ankle injury heals – but a psychological disorder could last a lifetime of trying to evade a resolution).

Enjoy your improved sense of style and watch it soar in the tear of you… (the sequel).


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P.P.S. Blackened Pineapple Upside Down Cake will not be a hit at the family dinner – even if you try to convince them that Cajun is part of the family genealogy.

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