Wardrobe Classics – Black Cashmere Sweater

Wardrobe Classics – Black Cashmere Sweater

Today’s item is not super exciting, but you can wear it with almost anything. It is a black cashmere sweater. If you are having trouble deciding what to wear with a pair of pants or skirt, you can throw this on and be simplistic chic. That is why this sweater is a classic. Now while this is a great addition to everyone’s wardrobe, there are different necklines to choose to flatter the different body types. In general, most people can just have a v-neckline like what is shown here, but there are more figure flattering options for the different body types. I don’t have enough time in this video to get into all the different variations. So here is a v-neck version and here is a great outfit for it. Connect on Twitter: http://twitter.com/AishaJonesSD. Search #WardrobeClassics on Twitter

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