1 Reason Women Fail at Being Heard

What to Wear Articles September 7, 2018

“I don’t know why, but I just don’t like her.” Do you ever have that thought when someone you don’t know enters the room? When you have that initial first impression, it makes it hard to get to know someone because you are taking an aggressive or defensive posture toward them. You may find it hard to connect with them or relate to them in order to actually give them a fair shot and reverse your initial first impression of them.


Now, change your perspective and experience this from the shoes (or high heels) of the woman that just walked into the room. Maybe you are nervous entering the room by yourself. Maybe this is a networking event where you need to really sell yourself. You have no idea why the woman across the room does not seem to like you because all you have done is enter the room.


The reason for the aggressive attitude may have something to do with the color you are wearing. We have been trained as women to think that black is slimming, but it can have adverse side effects, like increased aggression.


Recent studies have shown the hockey players wearing black jerseys are assessed with more penalties for aggression that when they wear white jerseys. The conclusion of this research is that if you want to be perceived as aggressive, you should wear black.


When you approach people, if you want them to be open and receptive, perhaps you should wear a different color than black. When you open a sales dialogue, walk into an interview, or begin a presentation, consider your color choice in what you are wearing.


So, when you need to be persuasive and be heard, choose color. When it is time to get into full bi*$# mode, feel free to wear head-to-toe black.



Source: Science of People, https://www.scienceofpeople.com/color-psychology/

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