3 Prescriptions for Your Common Style Ailments

Style April 12, 2018

What if it really was that easy? What if for your biggest struggles in life could be cured just by taking a pill? For happiness take this purple pill. To be skinny just take this pink pill once a week. Want straight hair so you can throw out your flat iron, just take this orange pill daily.


Prescriptions for happy, skinny, and straight hair don’t exist.. yet! But what if someone could just write you a prescription, dispense a little bit of advice and suddenly you are able to coordinate outfits like your last name is Chanel and your sense of color is so on point that people are now asking you for fashion advice.


That prescription exists. You can watch our new video “3 Prescriptions for Your Common Style Ailments” to help dispense some much needed style advice. But as a style sorority member, you will also have access to attend our first ever Style Clinic event.


Be on the lookout for emails during the week of 9thto learn how you can learn the hours of the style clinic to get your common style ailments cured and your most burning style questions answered.



During the style clinic event, April 13th, 14th, and 15th, you will have the opportunity to ask personal style questions via email, chat, or video chat.  Don’t miss this first time event to ask questions like:


  • Shall I buy this purse?
  • What do you think of the outfits I am packing?
  • What I’m wearing tomorrow. Does this work?


Mark your calendars, get your questions ready because this “pill” will be better than any other event because you can get style advice that is personalized just for you which means no unintended side effects.


I look forward to hearing your questions and Style Sorority members watch your inbox the week of April 9th.

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