6 Things Stylish Women Consider Before Breakfast

Outfit Ideas Articles February 15, 2019

The army has a saying that they do more by 6am than most people do all day. Well the stylish woman also has a saying, before her first swig of coffee she is already in the planning outfit ideas mode. She is asking herself six questions:

  1. What kind of mood am I in?
  2. What is the statement I want to make today?
  3. What will I feel like wearing it?
  4. What would people say? (although this doesn’t derail her thinking)
  5. Is it clean?
  6. Does it fit?

While she considers everything in the list above in her planning outfit ideas for the day, the question to focus on is what is the statement you want to make today. There are many statement pieces to help you answer that question.

If you want to make the statement of “I could pass for royalty”, then wear a statement necklace.

If you want to make the statement of “Over here, over here, look at me”, then have on a pair of statement earrings.

To make the statement of “I got it and I casually flaunt it”, then wear a statement ring.

To make the statement of “I’m very, very important”, then sport a statement coat.

In order to make the statement of “I’m really interesting”, then wear some statement sleeves.

In order to make the statement of “I’ve arrived”, then rock your statement purse.

If you put on any one of the statement pieces, then the answers to the questions above will be:

  1. Better than before you put on the statement piece
  2. (intentional left blank, see the six statement pieces discussed above)
  3. Powerful, alluring, strong
  4. Where did she get that?
  5. Maybe
  6. I’ll make it fit because I need to feel powerful, alluring, and strong today

The other important thing to note is that the six questions are in order of priority. It starts with your mood and ends with  does it fit. Sometimes we start at #6 which is not how the stylish woman thinks. It starts with what you feel and then what feeling you want to invoke into others. Now that you know how the stylish woman thinks, what are the style questions you ask yourself before your first swig of coffee?

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