About Aisha

Owner of Aisha Jones Media (AJM)
Inventor of patent-pending Style Recipe Cards

About Aisha

Owner of Aisha Jones Media (AJM)
Inventor of patent-pending Style Recipe Cards

A Makeover

Aisha is dedicated to making the world more stylish, one person at time, one outfit at a time.

As a child, we were used to invoking a “do-over” when a game is not going in our favor. As an adult you only use that concept when you hit restart on your computer or “mulligan” to take another shot on the golf course.

Yet, if there is one phrase that describes Aisha’s life it is the concept of a “do over” or as the fashion insiders refer to it, a makeover.

Her career began as finance and marketing major, where she earned her MBA at a top 100 school before the age of 25. Determined to climb the corporate ladder as quick as possible, she took a series of positions that although they brought more prestige and more money, it always left her asking the question, “What else?”

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The discoveries

Then came the best day of her life, she realized that no matter what size Spanx she wore, her Corporate America uniform would never quite fit because she was an entrepreneur.

Next came the worst day of her life, she discovered she was an artist, but did not yet know what her ‘art’ was. Wondering if she had wasted her entire life climbing the wrong ladder, she started remembering what she loved to do as a child:

  • Asking Santa for just clothes and no toys for Christmas

  • Spending endless hours as a preteen tearing pages out of magazines, writing down outfits from TV shows, and movies and creating outfit collages

  • Sketching outfits in her early morning economics class when she was homesick her first year in college

  • Receiving compliments on her clothes from her coworkers and co-workers requesting her to go shopping with them

Fashion was the answer

As Glinda the Good Witch says in the Wizard of Oz, “You had the power all along my dear.” Her talent was there all along, all through business school, through every frustrating job, and an even more frustrating divorce.

In what might have been looked upon as rock bottom, she chose to press the restart button…she chose to have a do over.

Aisha earned a certificate in fashion styling and sailed through every assignment like a style prodigy (she had unknowingly been using all of these skills in her spare time just for fun). She worked on several photo shoots and music videos, worked with pageant contestants and was the Accessories writer for Examiner.com, but something was still missing.

An Idea

The style revolution

The goal of most fashion stylists is to work with the glitterati…the most infamous and photographed celebrities. Aisha went in the opposite direction. She wanted to work with regular people. She wanted every people like her friends and family to know that it is possible to have picture perfect style on a daily basis. So she invented Style Recipe Cards.

And then, just like a lens snapping into focus, everything made sense. Her BIG life do-over created an opportunity to for her to deliver style do-overs to women everyday, all over the world.

Learn more about Style Recipe Cards here

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An Expert

Former Accessories Editor for the San Diego Examiner

Diploma in Professional Styling

Member of the National Association of Self-Esteem

Author of the book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Makeover

Worked with contestants of Miss California pageants

Inventor of Style Recipe Cards