The Road to Real Wardrobe Riches: How discount designer clothing can be good for your style and your wallet

1. You can afford designer pieces.
2. Sprinkling designer pieces in takes items to the next level.
3. That is how you start loving your wardrobe.

It’s called closet porn. Hold on—it is not what you think. But we all know what it is. You see a celebrity’s
closet in a magazine spread or you see the closet of one of the housewives of Beverly Hills and your pupils dilate, your heart starts racing, and your brain is flooded with serotonin. You can’t help but stare wide-eyed. Look at the array of colors and the wall devoted just to shoes. Is that a jewelry vault in the corner? And did that diva Mariah Carey say that she just has a closet devoted to her lingerie? You can’t help but obsess.


The Haves and Have-Nots

Never has the gap between the haves and have-nots seemed wider. Later that day, you venture into your own closet and think that it is just subpar. Your hangers are more crowded than the teeth of a dental phobe, and to find the matching shoe for you pair of high heels, you have to tie a rope around your waist, hand the other end to your eight-year-old daughter, then tell her that if you are not back in five minutes to call 911, and then you dive into your mountain of shoes.

You brush this off as perfectly normal because, well, if you had Real Housewives of Beverly Hills money and their $700 shoes, your closet and wardrobe would not be a mess. Let’s test that theory, shall we?


Be Your Own Personal Shopper Test #1:


Is it possible to get a pair of $700 shoes for $100? (Well, you know, without Chanel being spelled with an “m” instead of “n” because you can get five pairs of Chamel’s for $100 in the back alley.) It is possible to get some really good designer stuff at “regular people” prices. You just have to know where to look and where to click online.

You may be thinking, “Okay, so maybe I could have a closet filled with some designer pieces so that I look like a real housewife protégé. Do I really need that stuff? I am just a human resources specialist in Des Moines and mother of two. I would spend time shopping for these pieces if I really needed them.” Let’s test that theory, shall we?


Be Your Own Personal Shopper Test #2:


You are going to work in a brown pencil skirt, a pink pussy bow blouse, and brown high heels. What if instead of the brown pencil skirt, you have on a designer brown skirt with suede details? The skirt is slightly more stylish and a little more fashion forward. Do you get more compliments at work? Does your walk change into a sashay? Do you see this item in your closet and think, “Not quite Mariah, but pro-me?” There are some benefits to sprinkling these pieces into your wardrobe and closet.

This next one is going to be a little painful. Do you think you deserve designer pieces? What does this mean? No matter where you are shopping, do you immediately go to the sales or clearance racks? Are you comfortable shopping at T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, Target, and Walmart but feel guilty if you pay full price for something? If I gave you three handbags all priced the same, with two being generic brands and one being a designer bag, would you select one of the generic bags because, subconsciously, that is where your self-worth is? Are you not able to be your own personal shopper because you have low self-worth and will not choose clothes that are worthy of you?


You May Need to do Some Inner Work


If you recognize any of these behaviors, you may need to do some inner work. For you, spending a little bit on yourself is an exercise in self-esteem, and having some of these items sprinkled into your wardrobe is a confidence-building exercise. You have to learn to be your own personal shopper and choose the items that are best for your mind, body, and spirit.

Now this doesn’t apply to everyone, so don’t tell your therapist that you ran up your credit card debt to build your confidence. But for those of you who it does apply to, you have that guilty feeling when you spend money on yourself or buy something nice for yourself. Seeing yourself as a person who can wear and deserves some of these things will go a long way to building a wardrobe and inner riches. You starting to love your wardrobe will be you starting to love yourself.







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