Videos Packed with Outfit Ideas February 15, 2018

WRAP UP: Haute Wheel Style Video Series

In case you missed it, catch up on the entire video style series, Haute Wheel. I believe this is called Binge-Watching! Not quite like binge watching the entire all nine seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but you will want to create cute outfits inspired by designer clothing so you show off your hi-lo dressing skills you’ll learn in this series.

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Imagine you wanted to be a chef, but you don’t know how to cook. Someone comes along and gives you a chicken, potatoes, spices, and a cookbook. Instantly, there would be thousands of delicious meals you can make. The same is true of your wardrobe all you need to look gorgeous everyday are the right ingredients and some tried and true recipes. So here they are…Style Recipe Cards™.

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