Can I Wear White after Labor Day? Absolutely! Here’s How…

What to Wear Articles October 14, 2015

While there are different theories on how this rule became a fashion dogma, we can all agree that we have heard it before. And it still leaves women in the modern age wondering, “Can I wear white after Labor Day?” The answer is that you can absolutely wear white after Labor Day. And you’ll be in good company doing so. In the 1920s, Coco Chanel wore her white suit year round, and First Lady Michelle Obama wore a white dress to the inaugural ball.

Coco Chanel and Michelle Obama are not considered avant garde fashion icons that wore dresses made of spikes or sides of raw beef ala Lady Gaga. If it’s good enough for Coco and good enough for the FLOTUS, that means the non-observation of this fashion rule is good enough for us mortals. So hop on board the white fashion train. It departs right after Labor Day.

Perhaps you need a few ideas of how to skirt this outdated rule. There are many ways that you can wear white in the autumn and winter months. Here are a few inspired ways to wear white after Labor Day:

  • A white coat. There is an actual color called Winter White that proves that white is meant to be worn in the winter. With dark, cloudy skies and shorter days, a white coat helps you stand out from the crowd draped in dark and gloomy colors. Try a white pea coat in winter or a white trench coat in autumn to fight against the gloom.
  • Dresses for holiday parties. Everyone else will be wearing a little black dress, but those of us rule breakers know that it is really all about the little white dress. Be contrarian and light up the room in a cream-colored frock that is sure to get you some frosty and envious glares.
  • A white oversized sweater. This item is a must-have for winter. It is perfect for gathering up autumn leaves, snuggling in front of a fire, caroling, and decorating Christmas trees. The white oversized sweater is great with leggings, jeans, or worn over your pajamas as you open Christmas gifts. The uses for this sweater are as fashionable as they are numerous.

The question “Can I wear white after Labor Day?” needs to be retired with other fashion questions, such as “Can I wear this without pantyhose?” and “Can I wear this without a girdle?” This answer is always hell yes! Well, maybe except for that last question. That answer may be no if you have just spent the weekend trying to make the owners of the restaurant regret the day they put “all you can eat” in front of the name of their eatery.

♥ AJ

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