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Business What to Wear Articles September 21, 2018

9 Things Really Successful Real Estate Professionals Refuse to Do

It is fun to have role models. It is like playing follow the leader as a child. You just do what your role model does and you will be successful. However, if that is all you focus on, you are only getting part of the full picture. You also must look at what they refuse to do. What they say no to is as important as what they say yes to. There are nine things really successful real estate professionals refuse to do, and four of them have to do with what to wear if you are a real estate professional.   Wear gray to work. The color gray is shown to cause people to be uninvolved and passive and have a lack of energy. None of those are adjectives that would describe success. Not sweat the details. They know it is popular, and there is even a book titled […]

Business August 7, 2018

Career Corner: Real Estate Marketing Strategies – The Importance of Having Industry Role Models

Throughout the course of human civilization, what really has kept us going is following the footsteps of those that are successful. Call it survival instinct or sheep psychology, following someone has played a major role in bringing us where we are now. In real estate marketing strategies, you could apply any tactic, but once you see that it didn’t pay off for someone before you, you would back off immediately – the survival instinct, you see. Why should you have a role model? Psychological motivation plays a key role in bringing us forward and in strengthening our resolve. If there’s any place you can get enough motivation, it is from someone who is known to do best in your industry. That person could be alive or not, but you could learn a lot from his or her life for the times to come.  Decisions When we tend to decide something, […]

Business July 17, 2018

Career Corner: How Important is it to Pay Attention to the Details as a Real Estate Agent Under Training?

Real estate agent training is something that would gear you up for all the ups and downs of the real estate market. There are many brokers that offer training and you’d have to get educated by acquiring state licenses; however, there’s something which you need to focus on before you call yourself a real estate agent.  The details. Why are they important? Any leader you see today has an unflinching nag for details. You’re going to find some heavy literature on that by just entering the keyword in a search engine. The answer that so many leaders value details is because it is their foremost opportunity in educating themselves about the dynamics of their customers, the market they are operating in, and the future that is coming ahead.  Yes, online marketing and every other type of it could give you the required boost. But all of your spending and investment […]

Business April 3, 2018

Career Corner: What You Need to Craft a Real Estate Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is the best way to take your business to the next level. Once created, a business typically looks to seek customers for its product. An effective method of making people aware of your product is through marketing. Marketing essentially means showing off your product and its specifications to the public. Through marketing, a business is able to get its message across to the public for the chance of potential new customers. Marketing properly is very important for any business, an example of improper marketing method being PEPSI’s Kendall Jenner ad fiasco. Forming a marketing plan is the best way to ensure that your business is marketed properly. In the real estate market, a thorough real estate marketing plan is what any business needs to succeed. Here’s how you can develop such a plan.   Consider your goals The initial step in developing a marketing plan is to […]

Business March 30, 2018

Career Corner: Real Estate Agent Salary and Why Dressing Well is Important

A real estate agent is a fairly common job occupation in the modern world. Real estate firms house dozens of agents at a time. Sometimes real estate agents become independent and work alone as well. It is an occupation teeming with professionals looking to sell to any potential buyer. The reason why so many people choose this occupation is the healthy salary. A real estate agent’s salary clocks in at around $ 45,000 per year in the USA. Although not very high, it’s a healthy salary for a worker. A real estate agent salary can go much higher than this of course. To understand this in a better way, let’s take a look at what goes into making a real estate agent’s salary.   How their salary is made Since real estate agents essentially have to talk with customers and convince them to buy something, they do get a small […]

Business February 27, 2018

Career Corner: Crafting Your Real Estate Business Plan

To run a healthy, profitable, and robust real estate business you need a strong real estate business plan. The start of a new business brings with it sheer excitement and strong enthusiasm, but keeping a calm head is needed while crafting your business plan. A real estate business plan is the initial framework of your business. Such a plan takes into account every single aspect of your business and provides you with a starting model on how to make it work. Finances, equipment, damages, competition, everything goes into the making of a business plan, and all of this gathered information makes this plan the perfect fit for a fledgling business. Following are some tips on how to craft your real estate business plan.   Seek Advice from Others   The best way to learn about something you have never experienced is to ask others about it. Therefore, seek the advice […]

Business Outfit Ideas Articles December 1, 2017

Can Wearing Leggings to Work Boost Your Sales Performance?

It is an often repeated statistic that more people have heart attacks on Monday than any other day of the week. You don’t have to be Einstein to realize that is because it is the first day of the work week. What if you looked forward to Monday and looked forward to heading into work because it is super comfortable?   Do you think if you were more comfortable, you would be able to perform better? As a real estate professional, you have work in the office on days when you don’t see clients, and you also have days when you are running around from client appointment to client appointment. And of course, there are days working from home that turn into meeting new clients. On those days, you’ll feel more confident giving your pitch if you are cool, calm, collected, and comfortable, and the way to achieve that is […]

Business How to Wear Articles August 25, 2017

Dress Like a Boss: The Wedge Fund Secret

In case you are the last one to know this, boss is the latest word to denote power. It could also just mean something that is awesome. You’ll hear phrases like “That’s boss” and “Dude, she’s boss!” If you look at Amazon book titles, you’ll see things like How to be a Bawse, GirlBoss, and Boss Bitch . (Not to mention all the erotic fiction titles with boss in the title – I mean, is it its own genre now?) We all want to be boss in the street lingo sense but also in the more traditional sense. That may be the reason you decided to become a real estate agent, independent salesperson, or consultant. You wanted to be your own boss. When you think of a powerful female boss, maybe you think of someone that runs a hedge fund. You may think of someone in a perfectly tailored outfit, with […]

Business June 6, 2017

CareerCorner: Is This Real Estate Marketing Idea Headed for Extinction?

Let’s visit real estate marketing ideas of yesteryear. Once upon a time in the land of neighbors bringing over casseroles, lemonade stands run by 5-year-olds, and before the word Kardashian was ever uttered, you could depend on your friends, family, and neighbors to help spread the word and market your real estate business. Now, the landscape has completely changed. Or has it? You can still use your friends, family, and neighbors to help you market your real estate business, but you just need to put a system in place to help you. The old-school concept of a simple thank you can help. The last time that someone sent you a referral, did you thank them? Did you place a thank you phone call, type a thank you text, or send an e-card? If you can’t remember the last time you received a referral, then you may know why your phone […]

Your Career Can Forge Ahead Thanks to These Two Things

As a real estate professional, your first impression is your income. A bad first impression means pushing a shopping cart full of recyclables in between your showings to help cover overhead. Okay, things may never get that dire, but how can you make a good first impression if your taste in clothing is more “What’s clean and stain-free?” than “What’s new on the runway?” A great way to hack the polished and professional code is with your shoes. Your shoes can make a great first impression for you and create amazing outfit ideas for a first impression. Here are two designer shoe recommendations. Non-everyday high heels –  the foundation to outfit ideas for a first impression If you had to get two pairs of designer shoes to buy, they should be a pair of non-everyday high heels and a pair of boots. An everyday high heel would be the basic, […]

5 Designer Wardrobe Pieces for Professional Speakers

A general rule for professional speakers is to dress one level up from the audience. And a way to follow that rule is to go designer. However, even if your mindset is designer, your budget may not be designer, so how can you pull this off? There are five pieces I would recommend that you begin to acquire for your wardrobe that will let you get plenty of mileage, compliments, and cache out of them. And if you need to know what to wear with a designer dress you bought, here are some outfit ideas as well. Let’s work from head to toe.   A designer jacket. A designer jacket is going to add some oomph to a top that may have been purchased at Target. The jacket helps to pull together any stage outfit and looks great in photos. For this designer jacket, you can go the more traditional route […]

Business What to Wear Articles January 27, 2017

The Real Secret to Sex Appeal vs. Curb Appeal for the Real Estate Professional Wardrobe

The idea of creating curb appeal is to make a prospective buyer say, “Oooooo” or “Ahhhhhh” when they pull up to a new home or, at the very least, make the home look inviting and not like Lurch will answer the door. What do prospective clients say when they see you for the first time? If it’s not “Oooooo” or “Ahhhhhh” or “I can’t wait to see what she will bring to the table,” you may need to work on your own curb appeal by adding a little sex appeal to your wardrobe. Sex appeal doesn’t mean your photo on your business card could also double as an ad for the local plastic surgeon. It just means “immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest or excite others, as by appearance, style, or charm” (or at least, that is what defines sexual appeal as). So let’s get started on the […]

Business January 5, 2017

Career Corner: Can Your Real Estate Marketing System Compete with This?

  Well, are you on Facebook? How many Instagram followers do you have? Have you tweeted in the last 48 hours? Are you on Popsicle yet? Everyone who is anyone is on Popsicle! You’ve heard that all of this “activity” is needed to have an effective real estate marketing system. However, the number one way that people find a real estate agent is by talking to their friends, family, and acquaintances. In other words, it is real-life, word-of-mouth marketing that is effective, not marketing to your online “friends.” Therefore, any real estate marketing system needs to have a referral marketing strategy at its core. No real estate marketing system can compete with a prospect’s BFF raving about how great her real estate agent is and recommending her to anyone and everyone.   Is your real estate marketing system creating raving fans? What can you do in your business that will […]

Business November 1, 2016

Career Corner: 2 Good Things and 2 Very Bad Things about Marketing Yourself in Real Estate

  You have an owner that wants to sell their home. However, there are few things that the owner needs to do to spruce up the place to get it ready to sell. There are carpets to clean, walls to be painted, and lawn care to enhance the home’s curb appeal. Then, you have to get really good photos from all the right angles to essentially make potential homeowners drool when they see the photos. So do you want the good news first or the bad news?   Let’s start with the bad news. If you are trying to sell yourself in real estate, you need to engage in a similar process. Regarding the first bad news, have you spruced yourself up to help market yourself? The second piece of very bad news: do you have really good photos of yourself so that potential homeowners look at your photos and […]

Business September 30, 2016

Career Corner: Your Real Estate License Is a License to Network

  Well, you have your real estate license. Now what? You need to get some clients, and the advice from everyone is start your network. Your real estate license is really a license for you to be able to start networking. How many people can you meet? How many people can you tell what you do for a living? You are going to network yourself into becoming a successful real estate agent. Say you need to have 100 conversations to get one client. How quickly can you get to 100? Well, you can go to events and conferences to meet a lot of people in one place and spread the word. There is another way to go about this. What if everywhere you went, people came up to you to start a conversation? You are at the dry cleaners, and people approach you. You are in line at the grocery, […]

Business September 16, 2016

#CareerCorner: Why Real Estate Careers Hinge on This Three-Inch Detail

  Real estate careers depend on your ability to get the word out. And often you have to work harder than a pseudo-celebrity on minute 17 of her 15 minutes of fame in order to get people to pay attention. Real estate agents don’t have tools like TMZ or US Weekly to help with their efforts. It is completely up to you to get the word out to get new clients, let people know about a property that is for sale, or bring some traffic to your latest open house. One of the key weapons in your marketing arsenal is your business card. Lack of attention to this three-inch card could be turning this powerful marketing weapon against you and making you into a suicide bomber that is intent on destroying your real estate career. Here are three details you should pay attention to regarding your real estate business card: […]

Business August 24, 2016

Career Corner: The Half-Truth of Real Estate Courses

  They have real estate courses on real estate law, contract clauses, ethics, and the art of pricing and listing, but why are there no courses on how to BE a real estate agent? Real estate courses provide a half-truth on how to be a real estate professional. It is like you wanting to become the Queen of England, so you get training in British law, history, and politics. Then, you attend your first event as the head of state dressed in flip flops and cutoff shorts, eat with your hands, and laugh with your mouth full so that a piece of chicken lands on some ambassador’s lapel. You have all the knowledge that the Queen of England needs to know but none of the social graces that create the opportunities for you to display that knowledge. The ambassador will not want to discuss trade envoys if he has to […]

Business July 4, 2016

Career Corner: Go From Real Estate Broker to Real Estate Power Broker

  In the pool of real estate professionals, the real estate broker is the shark-hungry, ambitious, and with one thing at the top of mind: the game of real estate. As a woman in the professional world of real estate, you have been taught the basics to get your license. If you are a broker, you have even more education, more experiences, and more licenses. But have you been taught to be a shark? How can you go from real estate broker to real estate power broker? Here’s lesson one. You can’t be a shark if you are in orange and white stripes that are more reminiscent of the Disney character Nemo. If you want to be a shark, you need to look like a shark. You need to dress like a shark. You will often hear men say, “I need a power tie.” But what is the equivalent of […]