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Friday Favorites June 22, 2018

Suede Belted Leather Jacket

This jacket is so fun and chic because it is in an unexpected color. There are sooooo many outfit ideas for a lavender leather jacket. You’ll have fun thinking of all the outfits you can pair it with. To get more outfit ideas for a colored leather jacket, watch episode 4 of the video style series Style Rewind, it is all about the eighties (side ponytails anyone?)   Outfit ideas for a lavender leather jacket: Wear with a white maxi dress and flat sandals Pair with a black sheath dress and black high heels for a wear to work look On the weekend, wear with boyfriend jeans and a gray t-shirt This is the perfect jacket to complete the Maddox outfit of the Spring Summer 2018 Style Recipe Cards collection

Friday Favorites May 11, 2018

High Waist Eyelet Skirt

A circle skirt is a great option for a pear or hourglass body shape and this one is so summery and sweet it will become a closet favorite. You’ll pull it out for everything from a summer wedding to an Independence Day party. For more outfit ideas for a circle skirt, watch episode one of the video style series, Style Rewind. Each episode thereafter will also give you a mix n’ match option for a circle skirt.   For more outfit ideas for a circle skirt, watch our newest style series, Style Rewind.   Outfit ideas for a circle skirt: Pair with a navy fitted turtleneck and navy high heels Wear it with the top from the Harper card from the Spring/Summer 2018 Style Recipe Card collection For a fresh and clean look, wear it with a tucked in white tank top and tan sandals

Friday Favorites April 13, 2018

Adjustable Metallic Baseball Cap

This is not just any baseball cap, it is an Ivy Park baseball. It is from Beyonce’s Athleisure line Ivy Park. This hat is a Friday Favorite not only because of the brand but because it is a fierce metallic color that pairs well with almost anything.   Ideas for how to wear this baseball cap: Pair with a simple jeans and a t-shirt In the summer and humidity, wear it with denim cutoff shorts and a t-shirt When you are headed to the gym, throw this on with an all black workout ensemble

Friday Favorites March 16, 2018

Embroidered Trench Coat

By the time you read this post, you may have to add your name to the waitlist for this gorgeous trench coat. I just donated a coat similar to this one to Dress for Success. It is super easy to learn how to wear this trench coat because it will make any outfit. Learn more about how to style your outfits in any weather pattern with our series, Weather Your Wardrobe.   Ideas for how to wear this trench coat: Wear it with coat over any outfit to soften it up Pair it with jeans, boots, and turtleneck for an easy look Pair with white patent leather raincoat

Friday Favorites March 2, 2018

Graffiti Print Umbrella

This is umbrella has the distinction of being the first umbrella to be featured as a Friday Favorite. It is easy to figure out how to wear this umbrella and style it because it instantly improves any outfit it is paired with. Learn more about how to style your outfits in any weather pattern with our series, Weather Your Wardrobe.   Ideas for how to wear this umbrella and style it: Wear it with a black and white outfit with pops of color Wear it bright hot pink rain boots Pair with white patent leather raincoat

12 Ways You Can Get More Oomph in Your Speaking Engagements

You have to go give a talk that you have given many times before. You have your notes, you have your outfit picked out, and you think, “I’m soooo bored with this.” You may need to bring some oomph to your wardrobe and your personal shopper for speaking engagements.    The first thing to know is that you don’t want to step on stage looking like everyone else, and you also don’t want to sound like everyone else. You want to walk up to the podium and have everyone stop what they are doing to look at you and listen to what you have to say.   While providing an in-depth course on the fundamentals of public speaking is beyond the scope of this website, I can share with you some ways to add some oomph to your presentation by adding some oomph to your outfit. You may already have […]

LOOK BOOK: Haute Wheel 5 – Membership Sites

Do you see her shoes? Those are some of the comments you could expect to hear in this outfit. This is the perfect outfit to wear out to dinner or even for a date night. You’ll love the compliments you receive on your shoes or just take a peek at them from under the table. This outfit was inspired by shopping for designer dress on membership sites from the fifth video of the Haute Wheel Style Series, you can watch the video by clicking here. You can follow the series, Haute Wheel on our YouTube channel or on the blog. Designer Dress Outfit Ideas: You change-up this outfit by adding a belt Add a blazer to wear it to work Go preppy by adding a white button up shirt underneath   What Compliments Could You Expect From This Outfit: “I can’t believe you have those shoes” “You look very chic today” […]

Friday Favorites February 2, 2018

Sadie Cardigan

This cardigan had to become a Friday Favorite because it can be worn as a cardigan, a dress, or as a coat. You will get compliments from all of your work colleagues when you stroll in wearing this. This cardigan looks super designer and high-end. You can take it over the top by learning how to wear this cardigan and properly style it. Learn more about hi-lo dressing by following our Haute Wheel video style series.   Ideas for how to wear this cardigan Wear it as a dress with ankle boots Wear it with leggings and knee-high boots Pair with a black maxi dress

An Uplifting Take: Top 5 Graphic Tees for Women with Curves

Do you get down in the dumps sometimes wondering why they don’t make cute clothes for curvy gals? Well, the good news is that every year it gets better and better, and many mainstream retailers now make cute clothes for many sizes.   If you think that cute graphic tees and tanks are only for stick-thin yogis who think kombucha is an indulgent dessert, think again. Here are some of the places you can shop to get an awesome graphic tee. You can be your own personal shopper for graphic tees when you browse these stores.   Charlotte Russe Do you think this store is only for pre-teens and teens? Not so. They have very stylish graphic tees in 1X, 2X, and 3X. Even if you don’t traditionally wear a 1x, you may want to try out these t-shirts.   Target I love that Target even makes super-cool concert and […]

Friday Favorites January 19, 2018

Cleobella Gillian Pouch

If you need a little pick me up, pick up this purse and wear it all day. You will be sure to get compliments from all day long about this purse, especially if you know how to wear your designer purse (or at least designer looking purse). If you want to know how to score a designer purse at a discount, watch our video style series Haute Wheel.   Ideas for how to wear your designer purse: Wear this purse with a monochromatic outfit like all-black or all-white Style this with jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers Pair with a jumpsuit and a long pendant necklace   Here is the link to shop this skirt.   ♥ AJ

Friday Favorites January 5, 2018

Allover Sequin Pencil Skirt

I selected this skirt because it is a skirt that looks designer, especially if you really know how to wear a sequin skirt. Since we are in the middle of the Haute Wheel video style series, I need to show you how you can have snag a Vince Camuto skirt that will give you compliments every time you wear it. If you need ideas on how to wear a sequin skirt, here are three: Pair with a denim blouse for a cool girl vibe Wear with a simple black tank top for a night out on the town Drape yourself in your in a simple black v-neck sweater for a date night with your significant other Here is the link to shop this skirt.

Friday Favorites December 22, 2017

Feather and Rhinestone Satin Heeled Sandals

I chose these shoes because it is a way to have shoes that look designer without the designer price tag. Since episode one of the Haute Wheel video series talk about designer shoes, I had to choose these. These are so gorgeous it will make you eager to learn how to wear heeled sandals. If you want to know how to wear heeled sandals like the ones shown here, look no further than the outfit ideas shown below: Wear with a white dress and silver clutch Wear with boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt For a night out, with a black top and black shorts These shoes would stop traffic when paired with the Avery outfit from the Fall/Winter 2018 Style Recipe Cards

How Many Leggings Should You Have?

When is it too much? Is it too much when you have a pair for every day of the week? Or is it when every photo of you depicts you wearing a pair of legging? Or is it when your sister opens your drawers and your closet, turn to you, and says, “Are leggings going to be the new currency after the zombie apocalypse?” When can you say that you have enough leggings? Do you need a personal shopper for leggings and wardrobe basics?   It seems whenever I want to wear mine, I can’t find them because they are in the hamper. I probably should buy more, but I am worried about my wardrobe turning into a leggings-based wardrobe. So let’s say I should have 3 or 4 pairs. Black leggings are a must, and depending on your laundry cycle, you may want one or two pairs of those. […]

Friday Favorites October 13, 2017

Floral Crochet Midi Dress

Friday Favorites: Aurora Floral Crochet Midi Dress Click here for the shopping link

Friday Favorites July 21, 2017

Gingham A-Line Skirt

Friday Favorites: Gingham A-Line Skirt, Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

Friday Favorites June 23, 2017

Strawberry Buttondown

Listen to your virtual personal shopper and get this pink blouse now! Friday Favorites: Strawberry Buttondown, $148.00 Click here for the shopping link This is like having your very own personal shopper, but instead you just need to have a virtual personal shopper and get this pink blouse. This Friday Favorite is inspired by summer and all of its fun desserts. For other fruit inspired wear, check out this blog post. This strawberry print blouse would also go great with this outfit. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave

Friday Favorites June 9, 2017

Pineapple Solo Tee

  Friday Favorites: Pineapple Solo Tee, $38.00 Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

2 Designer Shoes with Jaw-Dropping Potential

If a dog is man’s best friend and, according to Marilyn, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then the newly single gal’s best friend are going to be designer shoes (you probably thought I was going to say a push-up bra). The reason why is because your confidence takes a hit whether you’ve just gone through a breakup or a divorce. You need to get your confidence back. If you were a housewife, you would probably get vaginal rejuvenation surgery (there are two of them who have done that post-divorce). But there is a much cheaper and less invasive way to get your confidence back, and that’s through your shoes. We all love this moment—you run into your friend or co-worker, they gasp, their jaw hits the floor, and they ask “Where did you get that?” Oh, the elation you feel at that moment! It feels so good to have […]

Friday Favorites April 14, 2017

Tie Dye Print Crepe Midi Sheath Dress

Friday Favorites: Tie Dye Print Crepe Midi Sheath Dress, $82.80 Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

The Road to Real Wardrobe Riches: How discount designer clothing can be good for your style and your wallet

1. You can afford designer pieces. 2. Sprinkling designer pieces in takes items to the next level. 3. That is how you start loving your wardrobe. It’s called closet porn. Hold on—it is not what you think. But we all know what it is. You see a celebrity’s closet in a magazine spread or you see the closet of one of the housewives of Beverly Hills and your pupils dilate, your heart starts racing, and your brain is flooded with serotonin. You can’t help but stare wide-eyed. Look at the array of colors and the wall devoted just to shoes. Is that a jewelry vault in the corner? And did that diva Mariah Carey say that she just has a closet devoted to her lingerie? You can’t help but obsess.   The Haves and Have-Nots Never has the gap between the haves and have-nots seemed wider. Later that day, you […]

Friday Favorites February 17, 2017

Free People Clean and Minimal Jacket

Friday Favorites: Free People Clean and Minimal Jacket, $198.00 Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

Friday Favorites December 31, 2016

Silk Button-Up in Geometric Houndstooth

Friday Favorites: Silk Button-Up in Geometric Houndstooth, $98.00: Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

Friday Favorites December 9, 2016

Open Back Wool & Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

  Open Back Wool & Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, $129.00: Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

Holiday Gift Guide December 2, 2016

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season for Aisha to take a break… It is that time of year again… no I am not talking about the Yule Tide season. I am talking about a month long vacay during the month of December. Yes, time is needed to decorate, shop for gifts, and complete an eggnog rehabilitation program. However, before I leave you I wanted to offer you a gift… well actually twelve gifts. The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is available. This will save you time and preserve your creative energy with twelve gift ideas for either yourself or friends that you wish were family and family that you wish you could un-friend. The theme for this year’s annual gift guide is Snow Globes. They are beautiful, magical, and always bring you back to the wonderment of being a child. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you have a beautiful and magical […]

Friday Favorites October 14, 2016

Set of Novelty Pins

Set of Novelty Pins, $28.00: Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

Friday Favorites September 2, 2016

Faux Leather Pleated Drop Yoke Skirt

Faux Leather Pleated Drop Yoke Skirt, $209.90: Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

Friday Favorites July 1, 2016

Strappy Back Bra

  Strappy Back Bra, $20.00: Click here for the shopping link SaveSaveSaveSave

Friday Favorites May 13, 2016

Printed Ruffle and Tiered Maxi Dress

ASOS Printed Ruffle and Tiered Off Shoulder Maxi Dress, $106 Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

Friday Favorites March 4, 2016

Black Stretch Sequined Midi Skirt

  Milly, Black Stretch Sequined Midi Skirt, $137 Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

Friday Favorites February 19, 2016

Michael Kors

Michael Kors, Leopard-print Georgette Top, $90 Click here for the shopping link SaveSave

Basic Wardrobe Checklist – Six No-Hassle Wardrobe Items for People Who Hate Shopping

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet with nothing to wear? Shopping bags are strewn around the closet, your bank account a little lighter, and the last thing you remember is being overwhelmed in a clothing store. If this scenario describes you, then you may have experienced a fashion blackout and it is a frequent disorder of people who hate shopping for clothes. People afflicted with this condition often procrastinate about clothes shopping until there is an urgent need. They wander into a clothing store and proceed to buy whatever is within their eye path. Later, they find themselves back to square one with nothing to wear and the cycle repeats. There is a way to stylishly step off of this treadmill of fashion victimhood. The solution is a basic wardrobe checklist. There are 2 reasons you have nothing to wear: You don’t have the right […]

Shopping List February 21, 2013

Recap & Shopping List

Printer Friendly Shopping List (pdf) In case you missed it, here is the recap of the Six Chix You Knew High School style series and your shopping list. Videos: Video 1: Drama Girl – Monochromatic outfit Video 2: Prom Queen – Sparkly oversized ring Video 3: Cheerleader – Colored pleated skirt Video 4: Class President – Print cardigan Video 5: Athlete – Stylish sneakers Video 6: Bad Girl – Zipper detail Digital Sketchbooks: Drama Girl – Monochromatic outfit Prom Queen – Sparkly oversized ring Cheerleader – Colored pleated skirt Class President – Print cardigan Athlete – Stylish sneakers Bad Girl – Zipper detail ♥ AJ ———————————————————————————————————————————————— Get my FREE 7-PART COURSE “How to go from Plain Jane to Captivating & Chic” at