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How to Wear Articles May 18, 2018

How Style Icon Diana Ross Made the Most of Her Style

When you think of Diana Ross, two words come to mind: glamour and wigs. Most of the time, she was full-on glamour with sparkles, sequins, ruffles, bright colors, and furs—everything that is the epitome of glamour. But every now and then, she would dial it back and do simple to remind us that even without accouterments of glamour, she can be glamorous in jeans and a t-shirt or a simple maxi dress with almost no accessories.   What happens when you learn to embrace the glam is that you now bring the attitude of glam into everything you do. That is how you learn how to wear outfits like Diana Ross. You have to embrace everyday glamour. Monday: Wear jeans, a sequin top, a blazer, and boots to work. Your touch of glamour is the sequin top.   Wednesday: Add a faux fur scarf over your coat when you go […]

How to Wear Articles May 4, 2018

What Is Wrapping Your Hair, and How Is It Affecting Your Style?

For those of you who don’t know what wrapping your hair, here is a quick explanation. It is common in the African-American and Dominican communities. It is a way to keep your hair nice and straight so that it lays flat in the morning. If you are someone who gets blowouts, it is also a way to keep it nice for a few days. Here is a link to YouTube videos explaining what hair wrapping is: Video 1: Click here. Video 2: Click here. Many people just use a head scarf that you get from the hair salon or the beauty supply to wrap your hair. However, why can’t you have a pretty head scarf? Wearing a stylish scarf is how to wear a head scarf. I went on a quest to find some very pretty head scarves and found many unexpected places to find pretty ones. Some things to […]

How to Wear Articles November 17, 2017

Indulging in Too Many Comfort Foods? These Comfortable Clothes Can Hide That

Just put me in front of some peach cobbler, some fried chicken, or some greens with cornbread and you will see me give those sharks on Shark Week a run for their money with the amount of destruction I cause.   We love comfort foods! That is why they are called comfort foods. However, we know that if we eat them all the time, we may start to notice a difference in the way our clothes fit. Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you to put down that fried chicken leg. I am going to ask you to pick up some more leggings.   Most jeans don’t come with elastic waistbands, and most trousers don’t have elastic waistbands. Leggings have elastic waistbands, and that is going to be your ultimate style fix when you have indulged in too many comfort foods. Whether it is just indulging on Thanksgiving Day […]

How to Wear Articles October 6, 2017

What You Need to Know About the World’s Most Comfortable Dress

This dress has gotten a bad rap. You’ll see it worn in retirement communities. The stars of My 600-Pound Life wear this dress. The most famous person that wears this dress is a little Hawaiian girl who’s best friend is an alien named Stitch. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am talking about a muumuu. Wait, did you just click away from this article because I uttered the word muumuu? I promise that a muumuu can be fashionable, and it is so comfortable that you will think, “Where have you been all my life?” The key to make the muumuu work is going to be the belt that you choose to wear with it. That is the secret of how to wear a muumuu. By adding a belt, you are creating a womanly silhouette for the dress. You put on a muumuu with a belt and some […]

How to Wear Articles September 22, 2017

This Shirt Proves a Single Gal Can Take Style Advice from a Lumberjack

Your divorce is final. You are ready to start dating again, but first, you need to have a makeover and how to wear a red plaid shirt is part of your makeover. I mean, isn’t that the second act of every romantic comedy made? You need to enlist some help with your fashion choices. Maybe it has been a while since you had to get dressed up for a first date. I have the perfect person to help you. So he is tall—really, really tall. But he is a true legend. He is an animal lover (in fact, he has a pet ox). He is a little scruffy looking with a beard and mustache because at heart, he is a true outdoorsman. But despite that, you can get some amazing style inspiration from him. Are you excited to meet him? His name is…Paul Bunyan. That is right! This lumberjack American […]

Business How to Wear Articles August 25, 2017

Dress Like a Boss: The Wedge Fund Secret

In case you are the last one to know this, boss is the latest word to denote power. It could also just mean something that is awesome. You’ll hear phrases like “That’s boss” and “Dude, she’s boss!” If you look at Amazon book titles, you’ll see things like How to be a Bawse, GirlBoss, and Boss Bitch . (Not to mention all the erotic fiction titles with boss in the title – I mean, is it its own genre now?) We all want to be boss in the street lingo sense but also in the more traditional sense. That may be the reason you decided to become a real estate agent, independent salesperson, or consultant. You wanted to be your own boss. When you think of a powerful female boss, maybe you think of someone that runs a hedge fund. You may think of someone in a perfectly tailored outfit, with […]

How to Wear Articles September 9, 2015

It’s Not Your Weight That’s a Problem – How to Wear Leggings When You Have Some Curves

If you have toothpick-thin legs, then leggings are like the chocolate to your peanut butter – they are better together. However, if you like eating chocolate with peanut butter and have some extra curves, you may need to know how to wear leggings. The key to making leggings work for you is to wear the leggings with long tops, jackets, and coats. Do not have the top end at the widest part of your thigh. You want the thickest parts hidden and the thinnest parts on display. If all else fails, remember that Spanx makes leggings. Here are four great options for wearing your leggings: Sport those leggings. Put on a pair of black leggings with a pair of low-top, all-black sneakers. Throw on an oversized sweater, an anorak jacket, and a pair of aviator sunglasses and run around town, having everyone thinking, “How does she look that great coming […]

How to Wear Articles August 12, 2015

Don’t Get Duped! How to Avoid Office Wear for Women That Makes You Look Like the Receptionist Instead of the Boss Lady

Putting aside the issue of office wear for women for the moment, we must all admit that we secretly would like to be the boss lady in the workplace or, at the very least, have the authority to put annoying coworkers in their place or institute a flexible menstrual period vacation policy. If you are the boss lady, you need to look like it. If you aren’t the boss lady, you need to start dressing like it so that you can climb a couple of rungs of the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, most of the office wear for women that you see in most workplaces is so boring and shapeless that you wonder if the Golden Girls have started a clothing line that you don’t know about. Here is a list of office wear to avoid and a list of alternatives: Ill-fitting pants. These are pants with an ill-fitting crotch that […]

How to Wear Articles January 22, 2014

The Way to Make You Appear Thinner – It’s All In the Wrist

When you play basketball, the key to throwing free throws is a simple flick of the wrist that will send the ball sailing through the basketball hoop. This also holds the way to make you appear thinner. No, you don’t have to hit the courts and play basketball for 3 hours a day – although that would help to slim you down. The key to making you appear thinner is the wrist – it’s all in the wrist. There are several points on every woman’s body that are flattering: the collarbone, the ankles, and the wrist. How do you use your wrist to appear thinner? Well, just like a woman three weeks after her boob job, you gotta flaunt it. You can make several wardrobe choices that will aid in this hedonistic exhibitionism. The 3/4 length sleeve. This sleeve length on a blouse will help you to show off those […]

How to Wear Articles March 19, 2013

How to look thinner- it’s just like magic

There are only two strategies for how to look thinner: disguise and distract. It is similar to the magicians that grace the stages of Las Vegas casinos everyday.  They are masters of disguise when they need to create a false bottom on a box for sawing someone in half. The magician is also a creator of distractions when they use a fog machine or a spotlight to distract you from their assistant coming out from behind a curtain. You too can become a master of illusion to make your body appear thinner and you don’t even need elaborate hand gestures or a cape. For these strategies to work, you do have to take a personal inventory to determine what are your assets and what are your problem areas. For example, you may have a tummy, but also have killer legs. So the trick is to disguise the tummy and distract […]

How to Wear Articles March 12, 2013

Here’s Your Answer to How to Dress My Body Type

There is one outfit everyone owns. However, most of us would rather commit Hara-kari than be seen in broad daylight wearing this outfit. Baby New Year is forever wearing this outfit. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this universal outfit is your birthday suit. Your relationship to your birthday suit is crucial in answering the question, “How to dress my body type?” There are 5 different body types: apple, pear, upside down pear, ruler, and hourglass. Since we can all agree that ruler and hourglass body types should be banned to the island of easy to dress, let’s focus two problematic body types, apple and pear, it’s like a fruit salad of body dysmorphia. If it is any consolation, most women have these two body types. So you are an apple body type. You are this body type if your mid section is the widest part on your body. […]