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Style is… Cute Outfits December 4, 2017

Style is… Security

Style is… security. Think of the last time you were thinking about what to wear to a party and you chose to wear something that made you feel insecure. You were probably nervous and anxious about going. Were you triple checking yourself in the mirror? Fidgeting by pulling down your clothes, making sure you were sucking in your stomach the entire time, and overall not enjoying yourself at the party? You may have even drunk a little more vino in order to compensate for your insecurity… and we all know where that leads. Your drunk dancing because the next meme circulating the internet. Contrast that to an event you attended where you felt fully yourself. You knew what to wear to a party that would make you feel comfortable. You were probably completely relaxed and you could enjoy yourself. That was last weekend, when I wore a Monique Lhuillier black cocktail dress named […]

Style is… Cute Outfits September 11, 2017

Style is… Sexy

Style is sexy. Don’t you wish you had a sexy light switch and you can instantly have on cute sexy outfits? A simple switch, you can flip on and instantly feel sexy and desired. Or maybe it would be more like a dimmer switch? You can go from flaming hot mess, to hot mess, to mess, to girl next door, to woman who is hot but doesn’t know it, to sexy beast, to full Beyonce. Yes, I think a sexy dimmer switch would work better. However the sexy dimmer switch will probably be invented about the same time as time travel machine or the iPhone 111B (you can tell Siri which decade you want to go to). This means we are going to make due with what you got for now and style is a great way to up the sexy. Take for instance, after a week of wearing workout […]

Style is… Cute Outfits October 1, 2016

Style is…

Style is sweet. I remember trying to get a job with one particular photographer. He wanted to do a photoshoot that was Film Noire inspired so I sent him some images from my portfolio and he responded back, “You definitely have taste, but your style is a little sweet. I don’t know if you are right for this project.” Of course I was pissed, so I put together some boards that were total Film Noire and I sent it to him. I was actually just now searching my computer hard drive to see if I still had those mood boards (I don’t). Anyway, he wrote back to me and said that I had talent and he would be contacting me. Well, I didn’t get the job. But it was the first time I was introduced to the concept that I may have a point of view. And that my point […]

Style is… Cute Outfits August 2, 2016

Style is…

Style is healing. I know style is healing because it has healed me on several occasions. For whatever reasons, whenever I decide to throw a pity party. I want to stay in pajamas and snuggle under the biggest blanket I can find. I want to sit in a dark room, eat trashy food and watch even trashier TV (usually any Real Housewives franchise). If I must venture outside, I need sunglasses, a big coat, and some sort of hat so that a mama bird does not attempt to start laying eggs on top of my head. In summary, I just want to be the biggest hot mess I can be. But how does that make me feel? Does that make me want to climb out of my hole of despair? Does make me eventually hit rock bottom (also known as the bottom of the Haagan Daz tub)? No it makes […]

Style is… Cute Outfits March 6, 2016

Style is…

Style is fierce. I am boiling over mad while I write this post. There is yet another blog targeted to women 18 – 40 requesting fashion experts to give their two cents about how to wear spring trends. Will this lie that has been committed against the female populace every die? Trends are not really a “thing”. You don’t have to dress in a trend to be trendy. To quote Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Magazine “Trend is a dirty word.” That is from the mouth of THE authority on fashion. If the fashion gods did really exist, she would be top dog on Mount Olympus and she would be striking us down with lighting bolts. Trend is a dirty word to her because great style has nothing to do with trends. The idea of seasonal trends is used by the media to justify their role in your closet and their […]

Style is… Cute Outfits February 8, 2016

Style is…

Style is … survival. We have heard that life on planet Earth is dictated by survival of the fittest. So while we are not chasing wildlife on the Serengeti or battling pre-teens for survival in the Hunger Games, every day each and every one of us is just trying to survive. Your survival may be maintaining sanity as you try to raise very active and inquisitive twin boys or trying to scrape together enough money to pay your bills each month. So you may be thinking, “But, I don’t have the time, energy, or money to be stylish and put together outfits.” And I am here to tell you that those reasons make it even more important to pay attention to your style. When you are rushing to get the kids off to school and yourself off to work and you are flustered running around the house trying to find […]

Style is… Cute Outfits January 5, 2016

Style is…

Style is… brave. Our childhood stories are filled with acts of bravery. Mickey Mouse as the brave tailor who slayed seven (flies) with a single blow. Or, the brave little toaster who journeys into the city to find his master. And let’s not forget the Disney Princess Merida with the wild flaming red hair who can hold her own with her bow and arrow. As a child we are constantly built up to be brave, yet this message loses traction as we get older. As we get older, we can sometimes cement different roles. I’m a mother. I’m a daughter. I’m a girlfriend. Or, I’m a marketing manager. So you go to the New Year’s Eve party in a basic black shapeless non-descript dress that is what your role says you should wear. And at work your clothes help you to blend into the corporate tapestry of drab cubicles, watered […]

Style is… Cute Outfits August 3, 2015

Style is…

Style is… learned. We often see a woman fabulously dressed and think, “How does she know to put that together? I could never do that.” The piece that you don’t see is the woman in her closet putting tops and bottoms together, playing with accessories, trying on belts in an attempt to learn how to look stylish. For some of us, this learning period happens early in life for others it happens later in life when we see our photo on social media and think was I sleepy, hungover, or just plain delusional when I put together that outfit. For me I remember browsing through catalogs as a little girl and circling all the items that I wanted and putting outfits together in my head. I also remember taking my older cousins hand me down clothes and trying to staple them to make them into my size (I didn’t know […]

Style is…

  Style is Romantic. You may be thinking why didn’t she write this blog post in February for Valentine’s Day? Well May is also a romantic time. Spring is the time for flowers, birds singing, and bees buzzing which another way of saying love is in the air. You see it in the strangers making out on the park bench that make you want to yell out “Go get a room”. And, you see it in your friend’s social media feeds that contain pictures of their couples vacations. Style is romantic for the simple fact that you dress differently for a first date or date night with your husband than you do to go pick out flowerpots at Home Depot. You dress differently because you want to feel more feminine or you are trying to elicit a particular response from your date. In fact, I have a particular red dress that […]

Style is… Cute Outfits October 1, 2014

Style is…

  Style is scary. Style can be very scary. It can be scary to step out of your comfort zone and even scarier to stand out in a crowd. I remember once going to an afterhours networking event/party at a conference. It was a big deal, and a lot of important people would be there. I knew that the typical attire for the women there would be a little black dress. If I wore that, I would be appropriately attired and no one would criticize my outfit. I went to the department store to shop for a dress, and my choice was between the typical little black dress and this blue-gray dress in a style that was a little unusual. I remember talking with my mother later that week, telling her that I found two dresses. She told me to get the blue-gray dress. It was the one that I […]

Style is…

Style is sunshine. It is June. In many parts of the country, June means summer and sunshine; however, here in San Diego, it is known as June Gloom, a month during which there are overcast skies and clouds most of the day and hardly any sunshine to speak of. While in many circumstances, the dark, gloomy weather may make you want to throw on an oversized cardigan, grab a cup of warm Starbucks, and curl up in a corner somewhere, there is another way to combat this unfortunate weather, and that is to create your own sunshine. Before you send out the guys with oversized butterfly nets to round me up, let me explain. I noticed a long time ago that if I dress myself up and go the extra mile in the hair and makeup department, it makes me feel a little better. It is a little trick I […]

Style is…

  Style is distress. Mayday is a distress signal you can send out in an emergency situation. I had to send out a fashion mayday this holiday season. There was a little added pressure to be fabulous since I was meeting my boyfriend’s colleagues for the first time. I ordered my holiday party dress from Rent the Runway. It was a great dress. Rent the Runway usually will let you rent a dress and then get a backup size for free. Well, they were all out of the backup sizes, so I had to hope and pray that the dress fit. I tried on the dress the day before the party and I couldn’t zip it up. It was a definite mayday situation. The only way I could get another dress was if I didn’t go to work the next day and went shopping instead. I can be stubborn, so […]

Style is… Cute Outfits April 1, 2014

Style is…

Style is laughter. How could style be laughter? In fact, it can often elicit the opposite emotion of sadness as you try on a pair of jeans only to realize that you need a bigger size. How can style be laughter when fashion models are often so stoic and serious that you wonder if they are angry as they meander their way down the catwalk? In spite of this style is laughter, and I can give you a great example. Many, many years ago, I scored tickets to Destiny’s Child’s final tour (see, it was a long time ago). I invited my best friend from San Francisco to come with me. When she arrived on my doorstep, she had two t-shirts she made all by herself. The one she made for me had “Bootylicious” emblazoned across the front of it, so while it was probably not the most fashionable choice, […]

Style is… Cute Outfits March 1, 2014

Style is…

Style is luck. Style is like a charmed four leaf clover or a fortuitous horseshoe. It has the power to attract opportunities, lead to unexpected paths of adventure, and help you leap over obstacles. If you think I am exaggerating, let me provide you with an example. (SIDE NOTE: I may have been accused of exaggeration a time or two. I mean, wouldn’t you faint if your boyfriend’s dog chewed up your new purple high heels? – but I digress). One of the most stressful times of my life was preparing for grad school. I had to take the GMAT (two times). I had to prepare my essays, applications, and letters of recommendation. I was almost done with preparing my applications, but I still needed one more letter of recommendation, so I asked my faculty advisor. She was a very accomplished woman, and I believed a letter from her could […]