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Business What to Wear Articles September 21, 2018

9 Things Really Successful Real Estate Professionals Refuse to Do

It is fun to have role models. It is like playing follow the leader as a child. You just do what your role model does and you will be successful. However, if that is all you focus on, you are only getting part of the full picture. You also must look at what they refuse to do. What they say no to is as important as what they say yes to. There are nine things really successful real estate professionals refuse to do, and four of them have to do with what to wear if you are a real estate professional.   Wear gray to work. The color gray is shown to cause people to be uninvolved and passive and have a lack of energy. None of those are adjectives that would describe success. Not sweat the details. They know it is popular, and there is even a book titled […]

What to Wear Articles September 7, 2018

1 Reason Women Fail at Being Heard

“I don’t know why, but I just don’t like her.” Do you ever have that thought when someone you don’t know enters the room? When you have that initial first impression, it makes it hard to get to know someone because you are taking an aggressive or defensive posture toward them. You may find it hard to connect with them or relate to them in order to actually give them a fair shot and reverse your initial first impression of them.   Now, change your perspective and experience this from the shoes (or high heels) of the woman that just walked into the room. Maybe you are nervous entering the room by yourself. Maybe this is a networking event where you need to really sell yourself. You have no idea why the woman across the room does not seem to like you because all you have done is enter the […]

What to Wear Articles July 27, 2018

How Important Is the Color of Your Workout Clothes to Your Workout?

My toe hurts! All my gym clothes are dirty! I think that was a UFO I just saw in the sky! If aliens are coming, I don’t need to do crunches. It is so easy to come up with excuses for not to go to the gym. Therefore, we need every possible tool at our disposable to help keep us motivated and ready to hop on the treadmill or bike or at least get our card swiped at the gym. Your decision about what to wear to the gym may be making it easier to throw in the towel on gym day.   What you wear to the gym can either help motivate you or make you want to spend your entire gym time in the sauna. If putting on pajamas can help signal to your brain that it is time for sleep, then putting on gym clothes can help […]

What to Wear Articles June 29, 2018

Booker vs. Your Media Kit: What You Need to Book That Gig

In the battle of the booker versus your media kit, your media kit needs to win so you can get that speaking gig. However, you may not know what to wear in your media kit in order to win that battle.   First and foremost, you need a picture of yourself—not a picture of yourself that was cropped from a family photo taken at Disneyland (although some people may mistakenly think you are a thrill seeker with the Matterhorn in the background). You need a professional photo—you know, one taken by an actual photographer (photo booths don’t count). And yes, you may even have to pay for the photo unless you have a photographer friend or family member.   I’ve convinced you that you need a photo. Next, you must decide what to wear in your media kit, which includes the clothing you should actually be wearing in the photo. […]

What to Wear Articles June 15, 2018

You’re Not a Plain Jane – His Parents Should be Thrilled

When you first start dating someone, meeting the parents for the first time is a big step. You wonder if they will like you. You wonder if they are going to be slightly crazy, or maybe they used to work for the CIA and have a lie detector hooked up in the basement. And of course, you wonder about what to wear to meet the parents.   You want to look nice, you want to look put together, and you want the parents to think, “She’s a catch!” But you don’t want to look too sexy or too high maintenance. But you also want to be yourself; you don’t want to misrepresent yourself. You want them to like and accept the real you. With all of these conflicting objectives, what is a gal to do?   In this article, you will not find the perfect outfit to wear. But for […]

What to Wear Articles June 1, 2018

Don’t Crash and Burn at Your Next Open House

The costume designer Colleen Atwood said, “Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth—it really does establish who they are.”   This is true whether it is the first time a character walks onto the a stage, the first time a character appears on screen, or when a potential buyer sees you for the first time at an open house.   You don’t want to crash and burn at your next open house, so that means you have to make a fabulous first impression that establishes your character. There are three pillars you have to cover when deciding what to wear to your open house:   You need to look professional. Prospective buyers and their agents should know you are the agent putting on the open house. You need to look professional. (Remember, professional does not always have to mean a suit.) […]

What to Wear Articles March 23, 2018

7 Ways Your Pajamas Can Hurt Your Sleep

You have a lavender oil diffuser, ZzzQuil, and Sleepytime tea to help you fall asleep, but have you ever thought about changing your pajamas? Your pajamas could actually be hurting your sleep. Below are seven ways that your choice of what to wear to sleep might be affecting your sleep and what you can do to improve your sleep habits. You are too warm. Evidence shows a cooler environment could yield better, longer, and deeper sleep. If you are wearing your sweats, yoga pants, and leggings to bed, it could be making you too warm. You may want to experiment with different fabrics and see what is best for you and your sleep temperature. Your brain may need sleep triggers. This is discussed in Arianna Huffington’s book, The Sleep Revolution. If you are wearing your exercise clothes to bed, your brain receives the message that it is time to work […]

What to Wear Articles January 12, 2018

Here’s What to Expect When You End Your Wardrobe Boredom

Side effects include euphoria, allergy to your snooze button, and facial muscle tenderness from smiling too much. Can you handle these side effects? So, what to wear to end wardrobe boredom?   If you are currently bored with your wardrobe, the side effects listed above are foreign to you. Instead, you experience lethargy, irritableness, and a dullness that is on the same level as watching paint dry. In fact, how would you currently rate your boredom with your wardrobe on the following scale?   Not bored at all Not excited to get dressed Audible sigh whenever I open my closet My closet is like Ambien. I no longer need a prescription; I just open it when I need to get sleepy. Can I just become a nudist? Then, I won’t ever have to worry about clothes.   If you answered b through e, there are definite steps you can take […]

What to Wear Articles November 3, 2017

Why You Need to Look as Good in the Lobby as You Do on Stage

“Hey, is that you?”   Those four words can be one of the most terrifying words in the English language. You might even feel a little tingle run up your spine or the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.   When you hear that phrase, you think, “Who could this possibly be, and what am I wearing right now?” Is it the girl in high school you never liked, and you are about to see her perfectly coiffed while you are dressed like you have been laying manure in the hot fields all day? Or is it going to be your ex-boyfriend that went back to his ex-girlfriend who wasn’t a supermodel per se, though she just did a couple strolls down the catwalk in fashion week. (Oh, how you loathe her Instagram feed!)   The phrase, “Hey, is that you?” is even more frightening if you […]

What to Wear Articles August 11, 2017

This Dress is Your Happy Place: Instant Style Bliss Anytime, Anywhere

So you have a speaking engagement? Or a presentation to give at work? When you are not totally freaking out about it, you have moments of panic as you realize you don’t know what to wear for a speaking engagement. Should you wear a dress? Should you wear pants? Your thoughts are spinning, and you realize that you need to get to your happy place so that you can modify your talk and adjust your PowerPoint slides. You know, your happy place, where everything is beautiful and calm. It is the place you go to before you step in front of an audience to deliver your talk. You also have a style happy place, and you can visit it anytime and anywhere. Your instant style bliss can be achieved by wearing a shift dress. You might have been expecting a more complicated process that involved hypnosis, a success coach, or, […]

What to Wear Articles July 28, 2017

Are You Facing an Impossible Battle against Your Hips?

It was a different time then. A time when “She has some meat on her bones” was a compliment. You know, before having thigh gap and being built like a ten-year-old boy became the epitome of sexy. Now, having some hips can make shopping a psychopathic head game meant to break your will. (I mean, why is a size 4 the equivalent of a size 8 at some stores? Are they trying to cause you have a breakdown in the middle of Nordstrom?) However, in order to stop facing the impossible battle against your hips, we must harken back to fashion from the era where women were praised for meat on their bones. We need to bring back the circle skirt. That is the answer for what skirt to wear with wide hips. The circle skirt is a thing of genius because it creates an A-line silhouette. That silhouette will […]

What to Wear Articles July 14, 2017

Weather the Divorce Storm in Comfort and Style

Going through a breakup or divorce can wear on you. Sometimes, you just want to throw on some sweats and pajamas, grab a pint of ice cream, and yell at Netflix for not having a romantic breakup category so you can cry into your Ben and Jerry’s to make the world’s worst ice cream flavor, Salty Chocolate Cherry Garcia. While everyone is telling you to hop back on the horse or go out and catch the other fish in the sea, all you want to do wallow. You should not worry about what to wear after a divorce. But why not make your skin feel good while you are at it? Do you know there is such a thing as cashmere sweatpants and tracksuits? It is like peanut butter met chocolate or a Moscato breakfast smoothie—almost too good to be true. You can try brands like Ugg and Tory Sport, […]

What to Wear Articles June 30, 2017

What to Watch for When You Sweat It Out on Stage

You’ve been hired to speak on stage, and you’re worried that your talk will be remembered more for your sweat stains than your words. There are some wardrobe tricks to help you appear as one cool chic when you are giving your talk so that even the adrenaline, nerves, summer heat, and lights will not show all the sweat equity you’ve put into your speaking career. You need to know what to wear for a professional speaker to hide your sweat on stage. The first trick to watch for is the fabric that you wear. Silk will only exaggerate sweat stains; you may have firsthand experience with this. You returned home or to your hotel room and were grossed out by your own stains and are ashamed even to take it to the dry cleaners for fear of judgment as they say, “I did not know human beings could sweat […]

What to Wear Articles June 16, 2017

Will These Coats for Pear Shapes Push Your Style Profile Higher

Maybe you look at your social media feed during spring and summer and think, “Oooohh, I love that skirt,” “Perfect sandals,” and “I look so cute in that tank top,”. And then in fall and winter, you scroll through your photos and think, “Why does someone dressed as Mrs. Potato head have the exact same coat as me? Oh wait…that’s me. That lumpy, bumpy Mrs. Potato head impersonator is me.” You knew you were pear-shaped, but you didn’t know you looked like that. Now, you need to quickly spread the word that your social media accounts have been hacked and delete all of those photos. There are less drastic measures you can take. Yes you can’t do anything about your past photos. But going forward, you can raise your style profile during the colder months of the year. You’ll learn what to wear in cold weather to still look stylish. […]

Your Career Can Forge Ahead Thanks to These Two Things

As a real estate professional, your first impression is your income. A bad first impression means pushing a shopping cart full of recyclables in between your showings to help cover overhead. Okay, things may never get that dire, but how can you make a good first impression if your taste in clothing is more “What’s clean and stain-free?” than “What’s new on the runway?” A great way to hack the polished and professional code is with your shoes. Your shoes can make a great first impression for you and create amazing outfit ideas for a first impression. Here are two designer shoe recommendations. Non-everyday high heels –  the foundation to outfit ideas for a first impression If you had to get two pairs of designer shoes to buy, they should be a pair of non-everyday high heels and a pair of boots. An everyday high heel would be the basic, […]

5 Designer Wardrobe Pieces for Professional Speakers

A general rule for professional speakers is to dress one level up from the audience. And a way to follow that rule is to go designer. However, even if your mindset is designer, your budget may not be designer, so how can you pull this off? There are five pieces I would recommend that you begin to acquire for your wardrobe that will let you get plenty of mileage, compliments, and cache out of them. And if you need to know what to wear with a designer dress you bought, here are some outfit ideas as well. Let’s work from head to toe.   A designer jacket. A designer jacket is going to add some oomph to a top that may have been purchased at Target. The jacket helps to pull together any stage outfit and looks great in photos. For this designer jacket, you can go the more traditional route […]

What to Wear Articles March 10, 2017

The Secret to Having Sex Appeal Even If You Don’t Love Your Body and Are Having an Outright War with Your Thighs

You have dieted, mastered the Master Cleanse, wrapped yourself up like a mummy, and even visited a hypnotist. Yet your thighs have not relented and are not stick-thin like Miley Cyrus’s thighs. Your mind has decided that you can’t be sexy or have sex appeal if you have thighs the size of yours. You can’t wear miniskirts or short shorts. You think there are no sexy outfit ideas for someone with your body. Luckily, you don’t need those wardrobe pieces to have sex appeal. And the pear-shaped gal can have plenty of sex appeal. Here’s three sexy outfit ideas: Many of you ignore sexy, playful, and trendy tops because they are short-sleeved or sleeveless. So this limits the number of sexy outfit ideas available to you. Or so you think. You can wear the top with a jacket or cardigan. As part of your makeover for more sex appeal, you can […]

What to Wear Articles February 24, 2017

Can You Have Sex Appeal from the Platform? The Real Secret to Sex Appeal for Professional Speakers

This is a speaking engagement, not a Rihanna concert. Why do I need to have sex appeal to be on the stage? Do you need to know what to wear on stage? Have you ever heard the phrase “sex sells?” And sex appeal is actually defined as “immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest or excite others, as by appearance, style, or charm.” As a professional speaker, you will need immediate appeal to win over the audience. But don’t worry; you will not need to shake, shimmy, and twerk on stage to have sex appeal. The real secret is that you just have to learn to dress better. What to wear on stage is an illusion First, you need to create the illusion of a pleasing body shape. As the song goes, “36-24-36.” You need to look like a brick house with an hourglass figure, and you can accomplish this […]

What to Wear Articles February 10, 2017

Don’t Sabotage Your Dating Life: The Secret to Sex Appeal for the Divorcee

Your divorce is now final, and you now find yourself wanting to know how many glasses of wine you must consume to work up the courage to create your online dating profile. Are you still desirable? Will someone still find you sexy? Do you even know how to dress sexy? Does a look at your closet reveal that you have all the sex appeal of Martha Stewart (no offense to Martha—we love her)? What to wear to have sex appeal again? If you now find yourself checking the single and divorced box, then let’s get some sex appeal in your wardrobe so you can check the “in a relationship” or “married” box again. What to wear to have sex appeal again   First things first—we need to bring the interesting back to your wardrobe. You need to venture to other areas of the store and go shopping in stores you’ve […]

Business What to Wear Articles January 27, 2017

The Real Secret to Sex Appeal vs. Curb Appeal for the Real Estate Professional Wardrobe

The idea of creating curb appeal is to make a prospective buyer say, “Oooooo” or “Ahhhhhh” when they pull up to a new home or, at the very least, make the home look inviting and not like Lurch will answer the door. What do prospective clients say when they see you for the first time? If it’s not “Oooooo” or “Ahhhhhh” or “I can’t wait to see what she will bring to the table,” you may need to work on your own curb appeal by adding a little sex appeal to your wardrobe. Sex appeal doesn’t mean your photo on your business card could also double as an ad for the local plastic surgeon. It just means “immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest or excite others, as by appearance, style, or charm” (or at least, that is what defines sexual appeal as). So let’s get started on the […]

What to Wear Articles January 13, 2017

The Real Secret to Sex Appeal for Women Who Need to Makeover Their Style

So you want to have sex appeal like Beyonce? Well, the secret to that kind of sex appeal is going to come at a cost of a lot of crunches and lunges and choosing a peat protein shake over an In N’ Out burger. However, is there a secret to sex appeal that will work with your current body shape and your current age bracket? Of course there is! It is a sexy style makeover. To make it happen you just have to get out of your comfort zone a little bit. But that is what a makeover is all about; it redraws the boundary lines of your comfort zone. And this time, your comfort zone will include a neighborhood called Sex Appeal on the corner of Sexy and Sassy. The first boundary line that needs to be redrawn is the fabrics you use in your wardrobe. You need to […]

What to Wear Articles November 16, 2016

Here’s What You Need to Know About Exercise Equipment and Your Workout Fashion Choices

You’ve decided to tone up and finally embrace an exercise routine that you will actually stick with. Are you going to use the treadmill, work out with a DVD at home, hop on a stationary bike, take a barre class, hike the great outdoors or go full yogi and test your flexibility? Once you have decided on your exercise equipment, the next question is what to wear to workout? Your workout fashion choices can impact your motivation and persistence to continue with working with your chosen exercise equipment.   The treadmill: If you are one of the queens of the treadmill, show off your royalty status by wearing a delicate necklace with your workout gear. It will be an homage to the amazing championship runner Flo-Jo who dared to look fabulous even while running. The necklace is delicate enough that it will not irritate you by bouncing up and down […]

What to Wear Articles September 21, 2016

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Which Shoes Can Transform You Into a Bombshell and Make Men Fall Head Over Heels?

  So you want to know which shoes can turn you into a bombshell. Is that what you came here to find out? You think this is going to be about how to buy stripper shoes and what sort of disguise you can wear to go purchase these shoes alongside women named Cinnamon, Candy, and Cookie who are paying all in one dollar bills.   Well then, this is not the article for you. This is about how to become a bombshell and wear shoes that could actually be seen in the light of day in the halls of your office, on the school grounds with your kids, and (dare I say) even in the sanctuary of your church. Your foot does not have to be at a 90-degree angle to transform into a bombshell; you just have to think a little bit more about how your shoes may be […]

What to Wear Articles September 6, 2016

Getting Out of Your Own Way: The 3-Step Wardrobe Plan to Have Him Forget the Other Woman

Do you feel like your man isn’t noticing you anymore? Do you walk by him in the living room and his eyes never stray from the video game, Walking Dead episode, or Lakers game? Are you worried that maybe some other woman is catching his eye? You need a plan to get out of your own way and back into his line of sight. In fact, you need a three-step wardrobe plan, and here is it. Here is what to wear to save your relationship. Just remember your ABCs.   Your ABCs. A = Act like you did when you first started dating. When you first started dating, do you remember how much thought you gave to what you wore? Your hair was always done, and you always smelled amazing. You need to start doing the things that attracted him in the first place. You have to start wearing dresses […]

What to Wear Articles August 10, 2016

Reality Check! Decode the Wardrobe Turn-Offs for Men

Sometimes, it can seem like men and women simply speak different languages. So often, it seems like we are getting mixed messages. Men say they like the natural look, but actually, what turns their head is the woman with flawless makeup. So what really are men’s turn-offs? What to wear to turn-off men, this exact question was asked to men on Reddit and resulted in some very interesting responses and conversations.   Turn-Off #1: Uggs. I know it is almost sacrilegious. How dare they complain about the shoes that bring so much joy and comfort to households everywhere? Are our feet supposed to remain naked as we cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie or when we make a last-minute trip to the grocery store because we are out of kale (or wine… same difference)? The truth is that if you are trying to catch his eye, leave […]

What to Wear Articles June 21, 2016

Can your sense of style fix your marriage problems? Well, yes and no!

The saying goes, “If nothing changes, then…nothing changes.” Use a style makeover and a hit of confidence as a catalyst to make some changes in yourself, your relationship, and your situation. The style makeover advice is going to be very similar to the style advice you would receive from a marriage counselor. You need to have communication, respect, and compromise.   While some may see fashion and clothes as frivolous, you can’t deny that fashion is beauty. You wonder why a vase of flowers, a beautiful sunset, or a well-decorated house speaks to you. It is because it is beauty, and human beings are innately drawn to it. Your sense of style is an indication of your willingness to accept beauty for yourself, your relationship, and your life. That’s deep stuff—and you thought this was only going to be about frilly dresses and high-heel shoes. Well, that comes later on […]

What to Wear Articles March 15, 2016

6 Fashion Items That Will Change the Way You Workout – Redefine workout clothes for women

Women working out at the gym fall into one of two camps. They are either a Glamazon or a Bag Lady. The Glamazon is the one who shows up at the gym in full makeup, fully accessorized, perfumed, and just strutting around the gym. For the Glamazon actually working out at the gym would ruin her outfit. The Bag Lady is the exact opposite, she just threw on whatever what was closest to her, not the cleanest thing closest to her, just the items closest to her. You can recognize her as the one that you don’t realize is a woman until you overhear her speaking. If she fell asleep by the front door of the gym, she would wake up with coins all around her from the beneficent gym goers attempting to alleviate the homelessness situation in their city.   There is a middle ground between Glamzon and Bag […]

What to Wear Articles January 19, 2016

Your Fantasy Makeover Starts With Visualization

Do you remember the days of paper dolls, dress up, or playing beauty salon with a pile of rollers and barrettes all in an attempt to be more than a plain jane? And of course there was Barbie – that B—- had everything! These are all popular dress up games from our childhood. As we get older our makeover games and activities are confined to one day out of the year, Halloween. Even on that one dress up day, the outfits are restricted to occupations that have simply had the adjective ‘sexy’ placed in front of them. Can’t you tell by the black leather mini skirt that she is a sexy Supreme Court Justice – duh! The allure of Halloween is that it allows us to escape. The wimpy computer science engineer who can’t even pick up a Reese’s Pieces can be the Incredible Hulk for a day and a […]

What to Wear Articles December 1, 2015

Deciding What to Wear to Work Everyday Is Easy – All You Need Is 15 Pieces

For those of you not particularly interested in fashion, but who still want to look fabulous everyday, let me introduce you to a concept that will be your new BFF…capsule dressing. No, that is not when you take your pills and mush them into your Thanksgiving plate (there is an outpatient program for those of you that relate to that last sentence). Capsule dressing is like it sounds. It is a small compact wardrobe that has many interchangeable pieces so that putting together outfits becomes a no brainer. So while fashionistas envision a walk-in-closet that could also double as the International Space Station, we also know that being stylish can be accomplished with much fewer pieces.   The elements of a capsule wardrobe will depend on the dress code of your office, but for the standard office that requires professional work attire here are the recommendations for building a capsule […]

What to Wear Articles November 11, 2015

Worried About Wearing Leggings? Here Are Some Outfit Ideas for Shirts to Wear with Leggings

What shirts should you wear with leggings? You’ve finally talked yourself into wearing leggings. You realized that even though you are not a waif model, you can still wear leggings, and you are right. You can wear leggings. Now, all you need are some outfit ideas for shirts to wear with leggings with. Don’t worry. This article will give you some specific shirts to wear, but first, here are some general guidelines about what to look for when selecting these shirts.  The key to wearing shirts with leggings is that, in general, you want to wear a long shirt that will cover the crotch area. You will also want to wear a shirt that is looser and less form fitting. The loose-fitting top is extra important if you are bottom heavy or pear-shaped, like most women are. Don’t fret! Here are six shirts you can wear with leggings: A sleeveless, […]

What to Wear Articles October 21, 2015

5 Fashionista-Approved Tunic Outfit Ideas to Wear with Leggings

Surprise! There are fashionable options of tunics to wear with leggings. Are you sure you mean tunics? Yes. You mean the things my great-grandmother wears when we go visit her for Sunday dinners? Yes, those tunics. Okay, well, not those exact tunics, but there are some fashionable and age-appropriate tunic styles to wear with leggings. Here are five fashionista-approved tunic outfit ideas to wear with leggings: The most popular option to wear with leggings is going to be the traditional shirt-style tunic with two front breast pockets, rolled sleeves, and a shirttail hem. This popular tunic style can be found in most retail stores, both offline and online. It is a fun, casual look to throw on in order to look both comfortable and stylish. A great look for summer is to take a beach cover-up tunic and pair it with leggings. Throw on a pair of summer sandals, and […]

What to Wear Articles October 14, 2015

Can I Wear White after Labor Day? Absolutely! Here’s How…

While there are different theories on how this rule became a fashion dogma, we can all agree that we have heard it before. And it still leaves women in the modern age wondering, “Can I wear white after Labor Day?” The answer is that you can absolutely wear white after Labor Day. And you’ll be in good company doing so. In the 1920s, Coco Chanel wore her white suit year round, and First Lady Michelle Obama wore a white dress to the inaugural ball. Coco Chanel and Michelle Obama are not considered avant garde fashion icons that wore dresses made of spikes or sides of raw beef ala Lady Gaga. If it’s good enough for Coco and good enough for the FLOTUS, that means the non-observation of this fashion rule is good enough for us mortals. So hop on board the white fashion train. It departs right after Labor Day. […]

What to Wear Articles July 28, 2015

16 Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

The upside of being a wedding guest is that you will not be required to wear a butt-ugly bridesmaid dress during the nuptials. The downside is now that you have to figure out what to wear to the wedding, that taffeta tooth fairy-looking bridesmaid dress is not looking so bad after all. Before you call your cousin, begging to be a bridesmaid, here are 16 dresses to wear to a wedding. 1. A simple, solid-color sheath dress. A sheath dress is a close-fitting dress with a hemline at the lower thighs or at your knees. Choose a solid color that is appropriate for the time of year. For spring, think pastels, and for fall, think fall leaves. 2. A wrap dress. A simple wrap dress is easy to pack and easy to wear. This option can work year round. 3. A swing dress in a soft color. A swing dress […]

What to Wear Articles July 15, 2015

What to Wear on a Safari or At Least Dress Like a Chic Woman That Goes on Exotic Safari Vacations

Your vacations may be far from exotic. You might have a 5-day Disney World vacation with your family that leaves you so frustrated that you are secretly planning the assassination of Mickey. Or, a vacation might consist of visiting your aunt in Duluth, a location so exotic that it is sometimes called the Marrakech of Minnesota (a nickname only used by your aunt who suffers from mild dementia). You may not be jetting off to exotic locales like the Australian outback or the African savannah for a safari, but what is stopping you from dressing like the woman who is comfortable with this jet set lifestyle. So here is what to wear on a safari just in case you win the lottery or invent the cure for cellulite. Better yet, let’s play the odds. Here’s how to bring the safari lifestyle to your everyday wardrobe, whether you are in Duluth, […]

What to Wear Articles July 7, 2015

What to Wear to a Christening – Be Soft, Demure, and Ladylike

Whether you are currently having kids or you have reached the age where everyone around you is having kids, you soon realize that there are so many more events to attend. Very quickly you find your calendar filling up and your bank account running low as you are promising Babies R’ Us your first born in exchange for the very pricey stroller that you need to purchase for your sister-in-law. There are the baby showers, the birthday parties, and of course the christenings. Luckily the christening does not involve more gifts (sometimes), but you do need a pretty outfit to wear to the church. Maybe you can promise a department store your second born child in exchange for an elegant pants suit?   A christening is not the place to break out an extra fierce dress that would be the hit the club. It is the time to be soft, […]

What to Wear Articles June 30, 2015

Which Colors to Wear in Photos – Not As Black and White As It Seems

As a child it was fun. You put on your nice clothes. You would get a special hairstyle and you were given specific instructions to stay neat for the rest of the day. So why is it as an adult you are ready to throw a tantrum when you have to take pictures? The reason is simple. As an adult there are only a few unpleasant reasons you will NEED to take a picture such as your driver’s license which requires you to visit the unhappiest place on earth, the DMV, or a mug shot which never turns out well because the photo is ruined by the jail number you must hold up in the photo. All kidding aside, you may actually need to take professional photos for your career or for an online dating profile and one of the most important things you can learn is what colors to […]

What to Wear Articles June 3, 2015

Simple Everyday Wear to Work Styles – Just Set It and Forget It

It’s hard enough dragging yourself out of bed on Monday. It’s even harder when you realize that you have to clothe yourself to get there unless you want to a have a very cold and uncomfortable conversation with Human Resources while wearing your birthday suit. There has to be simple everyday wear to work styles that will make your life easier. How is it possible that we can put a Rover on Mars and still have no solution to this most basic everyday problem? Can’t you just wake up in the morning and there is a piece of paper taped to the your closet door that shows you what you are supposed to wear. Today is your lucky day, print out this article and tape it to your closet door. Here’s your simple everyday wear to work style schedule: Monday: Wear a black pencil skirt with a denim blouse worn […]

What to Wear Articles May 5, 2015

What to Wear on a Cruise So You Don’t Look Like an Escapee From a Florida Retirement Village

This the best feeling. You are on the deck of the cruise ship. You feel the wind in your hair, you smell the salty ocean air, and you are snapping pictures of the beautiful shoreline as you pull into the port. You look next to you and notice that the woman beside you has on the exact same outfit. The only difference is that she is a foot shorter with blue hair, smells of Fixodent and Ben-Gay, and is carrying a tote bag that says, “Del Boca Vista Retirement Village.” Funny, the travel agent didn’t mention self-pity as an onboard activity when you booked the cruise. So how does one deficient in time and low in style IQ prevent the above scenario from occurring on her next cruise? All you have to do is avoid the three common pitfalls of cruise attire: 1. Restrict tropical prints to sarongs and dresses. […]

What to Wear Articles March 27, 2015

How to Look Skinny on Stage and Have Them Focus On Your Words Instead of Your Belly. See it on

All the world’s a stage and all the men and women are merely players. Shakespeare had it almost right. In actuality, on stage, the world can see all and men and women merely play skinny. On stage people can see every divot, roll, jiggle, and enough belly fat to have the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s agent calling to ask you to replace him once his contract with Pillsbury expires. To make matters worse, a stage involves a spotlight and usually photographs and video footage where if they have the camera angle just right, it can look like an audition tape for The Biggest Loser. The good news is that there are things you can do to make yourself look skinny on stage and it doesn’t involve converting to the Islamic faith and adopting the burka… a plus-sized burka. There are several things you can do to look skinny and polished on […]

What to Wear Articles March 20, 2015

What to Wear on a First Date to Guarantee a Second Date

We’ve all watched enough Rom Coms and CW TV shows to realize that the first date is very, very important. We all know that if this dating equivalent of a first impression goes awry then the rest of the plot/relationship quickly unravels. Given the fact that there is so much riding on this single event, it is important to address the chief concern of single women everywhere…what to wear on a first date…so you can get to the second date. The way to guarantee a second date is to add a touch of glamour. We have all heard the urban legend that men want a tomboy. They want this mythical woman that is one of the guys that can talk sports and drink beer with the best of them. Is that why the Victoria Secret models are in baseball caps and reciting quarterback completion stats as they strut down the […]

What to Wear Articles February 18, 2015

Dresses to Wear with Boots – These come out on top

You need to know what dresses to wear with boots? You’ve come to the right place. Nothing is worse than leaving the house with “The Creeper Outfit.” You put on a dress with boots and you think it is sort of cute, but as the day continues, the sensation of being horribly dressed slowly creeps over you. You arrive at work and no one makes a comment about your outfit. You go out to lunch and you get a weird look from someone the next table over, and the next thing you know you are in the bathroom mirror in a panic trying to figure out how to “fix” your outfit. However, by then it is too late; you are already a victim of The Creeper Outfit, and your confidence for the remainder of the day is shot. We are going to fix that right now and give you some […]

What to Wear Articles February 17, 2015

Discover the 5 Different Types of Body Shapes and Flatter Your Shape

Jessica Rabbit is a fictional character, yet men still refer to her when they are trying to explain a certain va-va-voom. As a woman, how are you supposed to compete with someone who can lose a few pounds here and there with the simple wave of an eraser? However, when you know your body shape, you too can look like you took an eraser to your trouble spots located here and there. The first thing you must learn is that there are five different body types. Various style consultants may include petite and tall, but in general they fall into one of these 5 body shapes: apple, pear, upside down pear, ruler, and hourglass. Apple: You have an apple body shape if your waistline is the widest part of your body. Charla Krupp, stylist and author of the book, How to Never Look Fat Again, refers to this as the […]

What to Wear Articles January 6, 2015

What to Wear to Travel on a Plane

Look up. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s you flying on a plane, uncomfortable, disheveled, and knowing that you will arrive looking like the supporting actress in an airplane disaster movie where you were forced to eat your fellow travelers. To avoid this all too common scenario you must pay careful attention to deciding what to wear to travel on a plane. Here are three stylish and comfortable strategies for deciding what to wear to travel on a plane: For just a little bit of comfort you should wear the ultimate travel outfit as defined by Michael Kors in Nina Garcia’s book, The Little Black Book of Style. He states that the best travel outfit is a pair of white jeans, a black cashmere turtleneck, and a pair of black ballet flats. Jeans are not the most comfortable option for a long flight, they are more comfortable than […]

What to Wear Articles November 29, 2014

What Color Dress Should You Wear To Receive Rave Reviews

Deciding what color dress to wear is a complex decision with multiple layers. First, you will need to the number of your birth month and multiply it by seven. Next, you will need to use that number on a numerology color wheel and point it towards the North Star. Just kidding, it’s not that difficult! You just need to answer one simple question, what color do you receive the most compliments in? Think back to the last time you received a compliment and try to remember what color you were wearing. Hopefully, the last time you received a compliment was not as far back as your yearbook photo or your wedding day photo. Whatever color you were wearing when you received the compliment will give you a clue of what color dresses will work well for you. Decide which group you belong to: Group 1: If you receive compliments in […]

What to Wear Articles September 17, 2014

What to Wear to a Wedding – The Delicate Balance of Pretty, But Not Too Pretty

There are so few occasions that we get to dress up for: weddings, funerals, christening, court dates for speeding tickets (30 mph really does look like 80 mph when you are zipping by at high speeds). However, the wedding is its own unique animal because you have to look pretty, but not too pretty to upstage the bride. At a funeral, they don’t say, “Avoid wearing too much make-up because it will upstage the rosy cheeks brushed onto the corpse!” Given this delicate balance, what is the appropriate thing to wear to a wedding? Your first clue will come from the invitation itself as the dress attire should be specified on the parchment. Nowadays, few nuptial events are black tie or the even more rare and elusive super formal white tie. For most of us mortals, the dress attire is semi-casual or cocktail. When deciding what to wear to a […]

What to Wear Articles September 5, 2014

How Your Hourglass Body Shape Can Bring a Man to His Knees

An hourglass signifies when time is running out. If you have been blessed when an hourglass body shape, then your time is also running out. You only have lifetime to make use of this perfectly proportioned body shape that you have been gifted. How can you tell if you have an hourglass body shape? Measure around your bust and your hips. If they are roughly the same circumference then you are an hourglass shape and there have even been songs written about this female shape. To paraphrase the Commodores and their timeless song Brick House, you are 36-24-36 what a winning hand. Now that you know your body shape is indeed a brick house, you need to know how to you dress this body shape to maximize your ….um, shall we say, assets. Here’s what to look for when shopping for items to flatter your hourglass body shape: For shirts, […]

What to Wear Articles August 24, 2014

Basic Wardrobe Checklist – Six No-Hassle Wardrobe Items for People Who Hate Shopping

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet with nothing to wear? Shopping bags are strewn around the closet, your bank account a little lighter, and the last thing you remember is being overwhelmed in a clothing store. If this scenario describes you, then you may have experienced a fashion blackout and it is a frequent disorder of people who hate shopping for clothes. People afflicted with this condition often procrastinate about clothes shopping until there is an urgent need. They wander into a clothing store and proceed to buy whatever is within their eye path. Later, they find themselves back to square one with nothing to wear and the cycle repeats. There is a way to stylishly step off of this treadmill of fashion victimhood. The solution is a basic wardrobe checklist. There are 2 reasons you have nothing to wear: You don’t have the right […]

What to Wear Articles August 5, 2014

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding – Don’t Be Overdressed and Out of Place

Feel the sand wiggles between your toes. The warm sun on your skin and the waves crashing against the shore. Can you picture it? It is so relaxing except for the fact that you are at a wedding ceremony and you are sweating more than the husky woman in the last row of a Richard Simmons exercise video because you have overdressed for the occasion. For most occasions it is often better to err on the side of being overdressed rather than underdressed. However a beach is the one place where it is glaring obvious if you have grossly misjudged the expected dress attire. So here are some tips on what to wear to a beach wedding: Regardless of the time of year, any wedding is an occasion to get dressed up, so you want to always dress nice. If there was ever a time to put on a dress, […]

What to Wear Articles July 22, 2014

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding – Beat the Heat and Stay Chic

Figuring out what to wear to a summer wedding can be frustrating. You are so glad that your friend has finally found love, but couldn’t they have found it when the temperature was a little milder. Is this the Summer of Love – Baghdad Edition? In celebration of love, you must get dressed, look chic, and stay cool calm and collected in the summer heat all while watching your friend transform from your friend into a wedding monster capable of demolishing a small Japanese city. Regardless of the time of year, any wedding is an occasion to get dressed up, so you want to always dress nice. If there was ever a time to put on a dress, this is it. You can transform almost any summer dress into proper summer wedding attire by swapping out your flip-flops for heels and adding a cardigan, shawl, collarless blazer, or bolero jacket […]

What to Wear Articles July 1, 2014

What to Wear With Wedges for a Body Slimming Effect

There are the graceful ballerinas of the world – those women get to wear sky high stilettos. Then there are the gracefully-challenged of the world – these women know the true meaning of the words “Face Plant”. For these women, there are wedges. These shoes give you the benefit of stilettos – the height, an instant butt lift, calf enhancement, but none of the wobble. Given the fact that wedges have reduced insurance claims all across the country. How can one take full advantage of these miracle shoes and what to wear with wedges? Because wedges are so body enhancing, they are great to wear with anything that shows off a little leg. Skirts and dresses are perfect complements for wedges, especially in the spring and summer when there are many espadrille styles that add a relaxed vibe to a summer outfit. For the office, there are now office appropriate […]

What to Wear Articles June 4, 2014

What to Wear This Summer for Women Who Are Not a Size 0

Do you remember the hope filled anticipation of waiting for summer as a child? While summer does not hold quite the same allure, summer still holds the anticipation of having to shed some clothing and bare a little more skin. Here are the wardrobe essentials of what to wear this summer that will keep you cool and not require a 16-week starvation diet in order to wear them. Denim cutoffs. If you were blessed with the legs of Daisy Duke, you can wear cutoff jean shorts that bare a lot of leg and a little bit of cheeks (not, the ones required for smiling). However, if you are less than sky high confident about your legs and thighs, there is another way to achieve a beach bum aesthetic. You can take a pair of your old jeans and strategically create holes and rips in them. You can take sand paper […]

What to Wear Articles May 16, 2014

What to Wear to an Interview – Some Simple Rules for Successful Job Hunting

The overused advice for job hunting is to talk about how important first impressions are in choosing what to wear for an interview. This advice is both wrong and backwards. Lasting impressions are what matter. Try this exercise, think about your favorite movie. Are you remembering the opening scene (first impression)? Or, is the first scene that comes to mind another part of the movie (the lasting impression)? Is the part of a song you always remember the first line or the first chord? Probably not. Similarly, it is not only important to get your foot in the door, people must remember that you crossed their threshold. If you have ever been on the hiring side of a job interview, you realize that the job candidates start to blur together after a while. While the bosses are discussing whom they should hire, they will often say things like, “Remember the […]

What to Wear Articles April 18, 2014

Figure Flattering Dresses for Pear Shaped Bodies

Shakira was right, “Your hips don’t lie”. If you are a woman that is pear shaped, your hips are the widest part of your body. You have probably engaged in a decades long war with your buttocks and thighs and you would rather choose a stay in Guantanamo Bay over jean shopping any day (at least in there you get loose-fitting jumpsuits). Based on your “problem areas”, you may think dress shopping is difficult. Not true, there are many dresses for pear shaped bodies. In fact, shopping for dresses will help you to love your shape. Since you are wider on the bottom than you are on top, the goal is to make your body look proportional. You need to make your upper half look wider. Here are some basic guidelines for shopping for dresses for pear shaped bodies: Unlike your thin-thighed counterparts, you can wear strapless dresses. A strapless […]

What to Wear Articles April 11, 2014

What to Wear Out Tonight No Matter What Mood You Are In

To (poorly) paraphrase the fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, “If you dress your mood, you don’t need a signature style”. Similarly, if you dress your mood, it will help you determine what to wear out tonight. Identify your mood and here is your outfit to wear out tonight. Are you feeling fear? You may be scared yellow, so let’s wear some yellow out tonight. Whether you are scared about meeting someone new or scared of having a serious, but much needed conversation, with one of your good friends over sushi, yellow is a good option. The yellow may help you gain some confidence and assist in tackling what is frightening you. In the summer you can wear a yellow summer dress or yellow tank top with your jeans and a pair of wedges. For the winter, wear a bright yellow pea coat or yellow cardigan over your denim blouse. Are you […]

What to Wear Articles March 28, 2014

How to Look Stylish in Glasses

You may have heard the phrase, “Boys don’t make passes at girl’s who wear glasses.” That may have been true in the 1950’s, but that phrase is no longer true when the hottest celebrities around are wearing glasses, even if they are the “fake glasses” that contain non-prescriptive clear lenses. You too can elevate your style by making the most of your glasses, whether you are required to wear them all the time or only for reading or when you want to wear “fake glasses” to fit in with a hipster crowd. Here are some tips to take this seemingly “nerdy” accessory and make it yet another way to tell your signature style story: Color. There are so many varieties of colors and styles today that you would be crazy not to venture away from basic black. You can go metallic with a silver or gold frame. You can go […]

What to Wear Articles March 21, 2014

What to Wear on Casual Friday – It’s Not As Casual As You Think

Aaaaah Friday! The dawn of the weekend, so much hope and wonderment as you look forward to the weekend ahead. And to make Friday even sweeter, your company has instituted a Casual Friday dress code policy. The only problem is that now you are confused about what to wear. Last week, you showed up in a tube top, a blazer, cummerbund, jeans, a ballet flat on one foot, and a flip-flop sandal on the other. After your coworkers finished asking you if you were a victim of a clothes-jacking that required you to scavenge for clothing, you realized that you may need help in determining what to wear on Casual Friday. First, let’s set the record straight, you are still in the workplace so the term “Casual” Friday is a misnomer. Unless you work in a very laid back tech environment, Casual Friday just means slightly less formal than Monday […]

What to Wear Articles February 11, 2014

Tips on How to Dress to Have Jaws Dropping All Around You

You don’t have to be Lady Gaga in a meat dress to have jaws dropping when you enter the room. You can be a stay-at-home mom, a teacher, or a skydiving super spy currently hacking into military computer systems. No matter how mundane or extraordinary your day-to-day life, it is possible to dress well every day and leave people wanting more when they see you. There are simple tips on how to dress that can elevate your every day dress to absolutely stunning. The three keys are color, fit, and fabric. Tips on how to dress would be horribly incomplete without first discussing color. Color is often the thing that will make a magazine cover jump off of the stands. Unfortunately for most women the idea that black is slimming has been drilled into their heads, so women don’t venture far from the color of black. Begin incorporating more color […]

What to Wear Articles January 8, 2014

Good News! You Have Many Options on What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Holly, sleigh bells, and Carol. No, not holiday carol, your Aunt Carol who gets drunk on egg nog every Christmas and precedes to wax poetically about the many loves of her life to anyone within earshot. You already have enough to deal with during winter. When you add wedding attendance to this annual holiday circus, the last thing you want to think about is what to wear to a winter wedding. Luckily a winter wedding offers many options for what to wear. Due to the cold weather, this is one of the times of year that wearing pants to a wedding can seem appropriate. There is the always the classic pants suit. You can get away with wearing a black pants suit to the wedding, but in an effort to not completely buck tradition, it might be best to opt for other darker colors such as gray or navy. You […]

What to Wear Articles November 27, 2013

What to Wear to Dinner – 3 Easy Ways to Go From Day to Stylish Dinner Guest

For the most part, going out to dinner is still considered a special occasion. The what to wear to dinner decision is easy if you are heading to Denny’s or the International House of Pancakes after a long night of partying. You do not need to throw on a gown to enjoy your 2 am omelette. Nor will you need to rent out Harry Winston jewelry for a dinner that consists of a Bloomin’ Onion or restaurant that uses any combination of the words “Lobster” and “Fest”, but for most other dinner occasion you may want to spruce up just a tad. To add just a little bit of spice to your dinner attire, you will want to cozy up with your accessories. Three easiest ways to get friendlier with your accessories is to change your handbag, shoes, and earrings. To dress up your handbag, you will generally swap your […]

What to Wear Articles November 13, 2013

Deciding What to Wear to Travel on a Plane

Look up. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s you flying on a plane, uncomfortable, disheveled, and knowing that you will arrive looking like the supporting actress in an airplane disaster movie where you were forced to eat your fellow travelers. To avoid this all too common scenario you must pay careful attention to deciding what to wear to travel on a plane. Here are three stylish and comfortable strategies for deciding what to wear to travel on a plane: For just a little bit of comfort you should wear the ultimate travel outfit as defined by Michael Kors in Nina Garcia’s book, The Little Black Book of Style. He states that the best travel outfit is a pair of white jeans, a black cashmere turtleneck, and a pair of black ballet flats. Jeans are not the most comfortable option for a long flight, they are more comfortable than […]

What to Wear Articles October 16, 2013

How to Make Travel Planning Wardrobe Decisions – Are You Traveling for Business or Pleasure?

Is there anything as stressful as travel planning and wardrobe planning for your travels? You have to worry about airport traffic, security checkpoints, and if adding a string bikini to your already overstuffed luggage will trigger an overweight luggage fee that even loan sharks call excessive. But, there is an upside! Because of a more thorough TSA, you can get your baggage scanned and a gynecological exam at the same time. Here are some travel and packing tips to help you navigate travel planning and wardrobe decision making. Is your trip for business or pleasure? If your trip is for business, then you have to be extra careful packing because as a woman business trips mean that you cannot repeat outfits during your trip, particularly if it is a conference or anything that there are going to be many pictures. It will require extra careful prep planning for your wardrobe. […]

What to Wear Articles September 25, 2013

What to Wear On a Date – 4 Outfit Options for Dinner and a Movie

In the age of reality shows, we think a date means parasailing over the Caribbean, beating out twenty other women for a date, and if the date goes well, you get a rose at the end of the evening. With shows like The Bachelor, it is no wonder women are confused about what to wear on a date because according to reality shows, you never know what the date will entail. Well, signal the waiter, it’s time you asked for your reality check. Your dates will mostly consist of the tried and true, dinner and a movie. It is nice to get dressed up every once in a while and a date is one of those rare times that you can get dressed up. You should dress slightly better than you do in your everyday attire. You don’t need to be wearing a ball gown, dripping with diamonds, and signaling […]

What to Wear Articles June 4, 2013

How to Lose 15 Pounds in One Day (or at least look like you did)

You can never be too rich or too thin as the saying goes and therefore you have probably tried every diet under the sun. You’ve counted points and reasoned that you will still be on track if you just don’t eat for the next three days. You’ve convinced yourself that carbs are evil and should be th next Bond villain. And you have left your work colleagues bewildred as you fainted on them during the fifth day of your lemonade cleanse. Well, here is the revolutionary way to lose 15 pounds in one day. Put down that stick of celery, pick up your visa card, and head to the mall. The excuses are many. I’m big boned. Or, it is the malicious fast food dollar menu conspiracy. However, it may truly be your sense of style. Your style is making you look chunkier, shorter, heavier, and fatter than you really […]

What to Wear Articles April 30, 2013

What to Wear With Wedges for a Body Slimming Effect

There are the graceful ballerinas of the world – those women get to wear sky high stilettos. Then there are the gracefully-challenged of the world – these women know the true meaning of the words “Face Plant”. For these women, there are wedges. These shoes give you the benefit of stilettos – the height, an instant butt lift, calf enhancement, but none of the wobble. Given the fact that wedges have reduced insurance claims all across the country. How can one take full advantage of these miracle shoes and what to wear with wedges? Because wedges are so body enhancing, they are great to wear with anything that shows off a little leg. Skirts and dresses are perfect complements for wedges, especially in the spring and summer when there are many espadrille styles that add a relaxed vibe to a summer outfit. For the office, there are now office appropriate […]

What to Wear Articles April 23, 2013

Tips on How to Dress to Have Jaws Dropping All Around You

You don’t have to be Lady Gaga in a meat dress to have jaws dropping when you enter the room. You can be a stay-at-home mom, a teacher, or a skydiving super spy currently hacking into military computer systems. No matter how mundane or extraordinary your day-to-day life, it is possible to dress well every day and leave people wanting more when they see you. There are simple tips on how to dress that can elevate your every day dress to absolutely stunning. The three keys are color, fit, and fabric. Tips on how to dress would be horribly incomplete without first discussing color. Color is often the thing that will make a magazine cover jump off of the stands. Unfortunately for most women the idea that black is slimming has been drilled into their heads, so women don’t venture far from the color of black. Begin incorporating more color […]

What to Wear Articles April 16, 2013

5 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job: How What You Wore Cost You the Job

The job interview process can be summed up nicely by reviewing the words of the wise zen master that is Carrie Bradshaw, “A first date is just a job interview with cocktails.” However, there is one big difference, there are no beer goggles that can erase the image of a horrible first impression. So here are 5 reasons why your wardrobe may have cost you the job and how you can avoid being a Plain Jane on the next job interview. “Put on your dancing shoes”. You didn’t get the job because you wore flip-flops, sneakers, too-tall stripper heels, scuffed up shoes, or you went barefoot. Yes your shoes do tell a story about you and that story should be that I am confident and want this job. Therefore ladies, you should always lean more conservative (this does not mean Plain Jane) for a job interview. This means that you […]

What to Wear Articles April 2, 2013

17 Chic Date Outfit Ideas

And just like that you get tossed into the deep end and have to fend for yourself! This rough, take no prisoners body of water is also known as the dating pool. Once again, you find yourself treading water faster than someone can say adultery or “Dear John” or “It’s not you, it’s me.” In an attempt not to succumb to the undertow (also known as “the lady with 29 cats”), you realize you need to date again, but you are in desperate need of date outfit ideas. You may feel like throwing in the towel and just filling out the application to be on Hoarders (your cats will like being on TV). But before that ink is dry, here are 17 date outfit ideas: Sweet and Sequined. Dark denim jeans, a white tank top, sequined cardigan, hoop earrings, and black or brown ballet flats. Fresh and clean. White jeans, […]

What to Wear Articles March 26, 2013

What to Wear to a Party: Are You The Girl Next Door or Sexy Siren?

Imagine you are an actress and you are handed a script. You are asked to choose which part you want to play. Would you choose the good guy or the bad guy? Snow White or the Evil Queen? The bond girl or the evil genius? Ultimately, what you choose to wear to a party depends on which character you want to play? Do you want to be the girl next door or the sexy siren? If you decide to be the heroine, then you want to go for a girly vibe. Think of the girl next door look that is popular for every silver screen romantic comedy. A casual party look is jeans with knee high boots tucked into the boots and a great striped top worn with a colorful scarf.  A summertime backyard barbecue party look would include a great summer dress with a pair of espadrilles or wedges. […]

What to Wear Articles February 26, 2013

How to Look Good Even if You Didn’t Win the Genetic Lottery

Your hair may not put you in the running for “America’s Next Pantene Model.” You may not even have a chiseled nose or exquisitely high cheekbones. You may not be able to even fit your arm into a pair of size 2 skinny jeans. However, there is an aspect of your appearance that you have complete control over. You have complete control over what you wear. Your clothes are the great equalizer. You may not be better looking than the girl next door, but you can be better dressed than her. So why not take this fashion gun out of the holster and learn to become a style assassin. According to the ingenious fashion designer Oscar De La Renta, the secret to glamour is discipline. That means carrying yourself in a certain way on a regular basis with very little deviation into the unkempt. This does not mean you must […]

What to Wear Articles February 19, 2013

Top 10 Movies with Makeovers

Movies with makeovers are nothing new, however they can provide much need motivation to get off the couch and brush your hair when you are having one of “those days”. Here is a list of top 10 movie makeovers. Open up your Netflix queue and grab a compact mirror. Pretty Woman – This is the classic story of boy meets girl. Girl stops turning tricks for boy, just like the fairytales we all grew up on.  This makeover is more than external. She not only gets a great wardrobe from rough streets of Beverly Hills, but also expands culturally by learning about etiquette, the opera, and polo. Working Girl  – This is a career makeover. From sassy secretary with the no good boyfriend to hot business executive with Harrison Ford on her arm. You can climb the corporate ladder in a pair heels and too big shoulder pads from the […]

What to Wear Articles February 12, 2013

When Choosing What to Wear to a Concert You Need These 3 Rules

What to wear to a concert depends on which concert you are going to see. Are you going to see the Rolling Stones or Yo-Yo Ma? Will you be seeing Snoop Dog or the Beach Boys? These are wildly different events and experiences. Can you picture someone in a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts bobbing their head at a Snoop Dog concert? There is some advice that can be offered to help you to decide what to wear to a concert…look at the artist themselves. What is the artist going to be wearing at their own concert? The rock concert will include the lead singer in tight pants and a t-shirt. There may be a wild element to it, for example the lead singer might be wearing a pair of tight leopard print pants. You will probably not feel out of place in a pair of tight pants and a […]

What to Wear Articles January 29, 2013

What to Wear in 2013 to Finally Start Dressing Better

It’s that time of year. Time to make your New Year’s Resolution. You’ll probably make the standard lose weight, get out of debt, or travel more resolutions. If we were to look at the heart of all of these resolutions, they are really all about you finally getting your act together. However, keeping your New Year’s resolutions is so time-consuming. Your 2013 is already going to be jam-packed with all the diet bandwagons you will falling off of this year. Instead of actually getting your act together in 2013, how about you just look like you have it all together? So here is what to wear in 2013 to look like you have tackled your New Year’s Resolutions. Color. Color has been a trend for several years and it will continue into 2013. People who have their act together are happy and happy people wear color. So in order to […]

What to Wear Articles January 15, 2013

Are You in a Fashion Rut? 2 Signs That You Need to Dig Your Way Out

It is one of the great riddles of the ages. One of life’s few mysteries remaining and one of the last puzzles to be solved. How is it possible to have a closet full of clothes, but yet have absolutely nothing to wear? This thought has plagued women for millennia. Even Eve looked around the garden and complained to Adam that she could not find the right fig leaf. Later in history, Greek women threw open their closets and announced sadly, “More togas?” Here is a possible reason that in the age of internet shoe shopping, dry clean delivery, and custom-built closets you have still not solved this riddle. You my friend are stuck in a rut. Others might even refer to you as a Plain Jane. In the world of fashion, this means you are always wearing the same things in the same way. However, you can wear the […]

What to Wear Articles January 8, 2013

Why Mom Jeans are a Hate Crime

“A mom’s love”, “just like mom’s”, and “mom knows best” are all great phrases associated with the word mom. However when you place the word ‘mom’ in front of the word ‘jeans’, it means dumpy, unflattering, and so uncool that even Vanilla Ice would not be seen standing next to someone in mom jeans. The word mom has not taken a hit this hard since it got placed in front of a certain expletive beginning with the word f. How does dumpy, unflattering, and uncool get associated with the word mom? Is it because of the stereotype of a woman letting herself go after she has a child? And how is it possible that in an age of Real Housewives and celebrity moms on the cover of U.S. Weekly that this stereotype still exists? In an attempt to de-bunk this stereotype, we must all look in the mirror and ask […]

What to Wear Articles December 18, 2012

Beyonce to Sasha Fierce: How to get this makeover to work for a plain jane

A plain jane makeover can be achieved by looking at Beyonce’s makeover. If you were a roadie on Beyonce’s concert tour, you would get to see on a nightly basis one of the greatest acts. No it would not be the booty shaking, high notes hit, or the wind blown hair. It is the nightly transformation from mild mannered Beyonce Knowles to her alter ego Sasha Fierce that is able to command a stage performing for thousands. As Beyonce says, “I get nervous when I don’t get nervous. If I get nervous I know I’m going to have a good show.” In other words, Sasha Fierce is at her fiercest when she is the most nervous, despite the number of people assisting with the transformation. Beyonce has hair stylists, makeup artists, and wardrobe people to assist with this makeover. However can the ordinary plain jane reading this in front of […]

What to Wear Articles December 4, 2012

What to Wear with Leggings

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the best of times because there are these comfortable things called leggings that we get to wear. It is the worst of times because we have no idea what to wear with leggings. This confusion is due to the fact that leggings are neither pants nor tights, but are so comfortable that we want to find out all the different ways we can wear leggings and give a free makeover to our wardrobe. Before revealing different ways to wear leggings that can lead to a self-propelled free makeover, we must agree on three very important rules. The Three Rules: Rule #1: Leggings are not pants so do not wear them as such. Rule #2: Wear leggings with a top that is long enough to cover your derriere and cover our lady parts. If you don’t understand […]

What to Wear Articles November 27, 2012

Wearing All Black Only Gets You a Prescription for Prozac

Wearing all black is considered chic, sophisticated, and slimming. Yes, a great all black outfit can be all of those things, but can easily become a crutch. Wearing all black all the time, will have your coworkers stopping by your cubicle and asking in a gentle voice, “Are you all right?”. You may also notice that cards for therapists appearing on the windshield of your car and sharp objects being removed from your desk at the office. These are all not so subtle hints that you need to find answers to what to wear instead of wearing all black. Wearing all black can be very sophisticated, like a black and white photograph. There are other ways to have magnificent monochromatic style, without everyone thinking you need a prescription for Prozac. The sophisticated way is to do it by introducing other sophisticated and neutral colors such as navy, gray, tan, or […]