What Color Dress Should You Wear To Receive Rave Reviews

What to Wear Articles November 29, 2014

Deciding what color dress to wear is a complex decision with multiple layers. First, you will need to the number of your birth month and multiply it by seven. Next, you will need to use that number on a numerology color wheel and point it towards the North Star. Just kidding, it’s not that difficult! You just need to answer one simple question, what color do you receive the most compliments in?

Think back to the last time you received a compliment and try to remember what color you were wearing. Hopefully, the last time you received a compliment was not as far back as your yearbook photo or your wedding day photo. Whatever color you were wearing when you received the compliment will give you a clue of what color dresses will work well for you. Decide which group you belong to:

  • Group 1: If you receive compliments in navy, black, white, or red, then wear those colors. You will also look good in a shocking pink or grey.
  • Group 2: If you are collecting accolades in dark brown, camel, beige, and orange, then choose a dress that includes those colors. You can also wow the crowd in gold and moss green.
  • Group 3: If you receive compliments in soft blues, rose brown, navy or rose pink, then strut your stuff in those colors. You will look equally fabulous in lavender and plum.
  • Group 4: If you are amassing praise in golden brown, camel, peachy pink, and peach then incorporate more of these colors into your wardrobe. You can also knock their socks off in bright blues and golden yellows.

This is the easiest way to determine what color dress you should wear. However, these groups possess additional significance, they also coincide with the colors system developed by Johannes Itten and the book The Elements of Color. You have probably had people ask you, “What season are you?” This process was developed based on the work of this German colorist.

If you fall into group 1, you would be considered a winter. If group 2 matched you best, then you are an autumn. If you resonated with group 3, you are probably a summer. And if you found a home in group 4, then you may be spring. Knowing this information will serve you well and help you in developing a cohesive and flattering wardrobe.

Next time you are shopping either online or in-person, remember to ask the question, “What color do I receive the most compliments in?” Allow the answer to that question to narrow your focus so you are not overwhelmed by all the clothing choices. And one last final piece of advice, beware of fashion stylists that require you to have a calculator, compass, and map of the stars in order to determine what color dress to wear – that is called a red flag.

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