Deciding What to Wear to Work Everyday Is Easy – All You Need Is 15 Pieces

What to Wear Articles December 1, 2015

For those of you not particularly interested in fashion, but who still want to look fabulous everyday, let me introduce you to a concept that will be your new BFF…capsule dressing. No, that is not when you take your pills and mush them into your Thanksgiving plate (there is an outpatient program for those of you that relate to that last sentence). Capsule dressing is like it sounds. It is a small compact wardrobe that has many interchangeable pieces so that putting together outfits becomes a no brainer.

So while fashionistas envision a walk-in-closet that could also double as the International Space Station, we also know that being stylish can be accomplished with much fewer pieces.


The elements of a capsule wardrobe will depend on the dress code of your office, but for the standard office that requires professional work attire here are the recommendations for building a capsule wardrobe and the cute outfit ideas for a capsule wardrobe:

  • Two 3-piece suits. A woman’s 3-piece suit consists of a jacket, suit pants, and a skirt. That way you can wear either wear the pants or the skirt. The other reason for buying the pieces together is that everyone has a different definition of colors. All black is not even the same and if you buy two different brands, the colors might not match. I think the Eskimos were on the track with 14 different names for the color white.


  • Two dresses. One in a neutral color and one that is a more colorful option. These dresses can also be worn with the suit jackets and cardigans listed below.


  • One pair of jeans. Many offices have a casual Friday, so you will want to purchase a great pair of dark denim jeans. Dark denim looks a little more professional for the office. Avoid jeans with rips, tears, and hearts bedazzled on your bum. Do you want to be blinding your coworkers as you exit the conference room?


  • One cardigan. You will want to get a great cardigan because you can sometimes wear this instead of a suit jacket.


  • Eight tops. You will want to have 8 to 12 tops. Here is the trick, the top needs to go with every pair or pants and every skirt in your capsule wardrobe so that it is interchangeable. You won’t believe how easy it is to make cute outfit ideas for a capsule wardrobe.


  • A great winter coat. This is a must. Go with a classic style such as a trench coat or a pea coat. Get it in a neutral color so that it will go with everything and be appropriate in every situation. Since you are going with a classic style that will be in style for years and years, spend a little more on this item. This is what is known as an investment piece in the fashion community.


If you have all of these items, then you should have no problem deciding what to wear to work. These basic pieces are enough to start building a proper work wardrobe. However, there are still shoes and accessories and those could really fill an International Space Station. In fact, we may need to bring in the Russians to help offset some of these cost.

P.S. If you want to see this in action, please watch this video that will give you Cute Outfit Ideas for a Capsule wardrobe:

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