VIDEO: Confidence Challenge #1

Confidence Challenge #1 – Cute Outfit Ideas to Increase Your Confidence

This is the first video of the series and you are going to need to grab a red. This first challenge is designed to get you out of your comfort zone and discover some cute outfit ideas to increase your confidence.

You’ll get a confidence boosting outfit and a motivational tool to help you stay motivated long after this challenge is over. Watch the video and do the challenge. You may also need buy a red lipstick.

This episode will show you cute outfit ideas to increase your confidence:

  • Take the Red Lipstick challenge (starts at 2:57 in the video)
  • See your confidence boosting outfit that includes red heels and a red purse to match your lipstick(at 3:58 in the video)
  • Grab your free desktop background


Free Desktop Background:

♥ AJ


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