LOOK BOOK: Haute Wheel 5 – Membership Sites

Do you see her shoes? Those are some of the comments you could expect to hear in this outfit.

This is the perfect outfit to wear out to dinner or even for a date night. You’ll love the compliments you receive on your shoes or just take a peek at them from under the table.

This outfit was inspired by shopping for designer dress on membership sites from the fifth video of the Haute Wheel Style Series, you can watch the video by clicking here. You can follow the series, Haute Wheel on our YouTube channel or on the blog.

Designer Dress Outfit Ideas:
  • You change-up this outfit by adding a belt
  • Add a blazer to wear it to work
  • Go preppy by adding a white button up shirt underneath


What Compliments Could You Expect From This Outfit:
  • “I can’t believe you have those shoes”
  • “You look very chic today”
  • “I’m dying over those shoes”

You can see all the looks from the Haute Wheel series by browsing through the Pinterest Board.

Remember, you can do this! You have all the designer dress outfit ideas you need.

♥ AJ

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