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What to Wear Articles February 17, 2015

Jessica Rabbit is a fictional character, yet men still refer to her when they are trying to explain a certain va-va-voom. As a woman, how are you supposed to compete with someone who can lose a few pounds here and there with the simple wave of an eraser? However, when you know your body shape, you too can look like you took an eraser to your trouble spots located here and there. The first thing you must learn is that there are five different body types. Various style consultants may include petite and tall, but in general they fall into one of these 5 body shapes: apple, pear, upside down pear, ruler, and hourglass.

  • Apple: You have an apple body shape if your waistline is the widest part of your body. Charla Krupp, stylist and author of the book, How to Never Look Fat Again, refers to this as the Buddha Belly. You can erase the pounds by wearing wrap tops and wrap dresses as they will help create the illusion of a cinched waist – no million dollar David Copperfield illusion trick required.
  • Pear: You have a pear shape if you are heavier on the bottom than on the top. Many women fall into this category and it is still a mystery as to why jean manufacturers have yet to catch onto this fact. As a pear shape the widest part of your body will be your hips or thighs. You do not want to add bulk to the hip and thigh area, so for dress pants avoid pants with side pockets or have side pockets stitched up and have the additional pocket fabric removed. A tailor can do this quick fix for under $30.
  • Upside Down Pear: This is the opposite of the pear shape. You are generally heavier on the top and many of your friends might classify you as busty – maybe not Dolly Parton level, but bra shopping is not something you look forward to. However, this is the thing that is going to help you look thinner. Invest time and money in getting a properly fitting bra and look like you have lost 15 pounds.
  • Ruler: You are ruler shape if you have a more athletic build with very little curves – you are also secretly hated by all women. Skinny jeans were invented with this body type in mind. They will help you to look like you have more curves than you do. So put on your skinny jeans and watch all the women’s eyes turn green with envy.
  • Hourglass: This is a balanced body shape. You are an hourglass body shape if the width of your bust area matches the width of your hips. You are also secretly hated by all women – hourglass and ruler body types should form a support group, so you can learn to handle all the jealousy thrown your way. If you got it flaunt it. Just as with an apple body type, a wrap top and wrap dress will help you to show off all of those great curves.

While we can’t all be Jessica Rabbit, we can know the five different types of body shapes and make the most of what we have. After all there is a downside to being Jessica Rabbit, you would have to married to Roger Rabbit and that is way too much body hair for between the sheets action.

♥ AJ

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