3 Things to Never Do on a First Date

Outfit Ideas Articles August 24, 2018

If you like the guy you are going on a first date with, here are three things never to do.

(1) Don’t be boring. He is probably not interested which cat videos you watched on YouTube today.

(2) Don’t talk about your exes. Do I really need to explain this one?

(3) Don’t wear any color other than red. This means you are going need some first date red outfit ideas.

Why the color red? Well, research has shown that red gets the blood pumping. It is the color of passion and can get your date’s heart racing, which is exactly what you want if you are into the guy. You want him to be excited, and you want to be memorable.


In the YouTube video “17 Chic Date Outfit Ideas,” you got 17 outfit ideas, but only a few of them involve the color red. So, using that video, here is how to modify the outfits so that you have red first date outfit ideas.


First Date Red Outfit Ideas


  • Outfit #3: This outfit already includes a pair of red-hot jeans.
  • Outfit #4: Swap out the tan tie blouse for a red-hot chili pepper red one. Are you sexy, or are you uptight? That mystery will keep his attention all night.
  • Outfit #5: Wear it with a red sheer blouse with a black tank top underneath. This will be sure to get is heart rate elevated.
  • Outfit #7: This outfit already includes a pop of red with a red scarf.
  • Outfit #14: Add touches of red with red wedge sandals and a red crossbody bag.
  • Outfit #15: Swap out the white wrap dress for a red wrap dress and keep the touches of gold.



Now, if you are going on a blind date and you are only going on this date to make your wannabe matchmaker friend happy, then be boring. Not only should you talk about your exes but also pull up pictures of them on your phone and wear another color besides red. Save your first date red outfit ideas for the dates you actually want to have a future with.


P.S. For all of you non-single ladies, you can follow these rules for date night, your anniversary, on your couples vacation, or if you need to pull out a freakum dress.




Source: Science of People, https://www.scienceofpeople.com/color-psychology/

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