Gal Pal Glamour Plan

The truth is we all want to live the glamorous life. We want to look like the women in the magazines, stay at the hotels frequented by celebrities, and live in a home so gorgeous that it would make Martha Stewart give you a high five.

So while, I can’t guarantee you a hotel room on the Riviera or build you a gift wrap room perfectly labeled and by organized by color, I can give you this…

The Gal Pal Glamour Plan

A plan to makeover your style. Step 1, get a plan…. check! Step 2, enlist a pal or accountability partner to help you complete all the steps on the plan. Step 3, start checking off items on the list.

It is easy just click on the Gal Pal Glamour Plan below to download the pdf. Print out the plan. You complete one half of the document and your gal pal completes the other half. You hold each other accountable for completing the items on the list.

By having someone to work alongside, you will be more likely to complete the items on the list. Think of it like having a very glamorous accountability partner.

Two heads are better than one and one glamour plan makes two heads better.

click on the image below to download the Gal Pal Glamour Plan

Gal Pal Glamour Plan

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