7 Tips That Will Make You a Stronger Professional Speaker

Cute Outfits Articles August 10, 2018

People may tell you to practice your diction, use body language effectively, and how to give a dramatic monologue pause. However, there are some things that you didn’t not learn in your public speaking training. There are some things you can only learn from going around the clock (or speaker podium) a few times.


These seven tips will help you to become a better speaker.


  1. Don’t wear a gray cute outfit.It doesn’t matter if your outfit for your speaking gig is super cute. If it is in gray tones, you may want to rethink that. Gray is known to bore people. It can make them passive, uninvolved, and all of a sudden experience a lack of energy. That’s not exactly what you are looking for with your speech.
  2. Consider wearing green. Green is restful for the eyes and produces the least amount of eyestrain. If you want to capture all eyes on you (and have them rest on you), consider wearing green.
  3. Make sure you take a look at yourself close up and far away. You want to look good for photos and videos that may be taken from the stage. However, after your talk, people may want to take photos with you or come up to introduce themselves. You want to look fabulous in all photos.
  4. Consider wearing orange. This color is energizing and stimulates brain activity. It will help if your visual appearance matches the words that are coming out of your mouth in order to spur brain activity, which is a wonderful side effect of the color orange.
  5. Carefully choose colors on your marketing materials. As mentioned earlier, avoid gray, and don’t wear a gray outfit in your marketing materials (this rule apply everywhere, not just for your on-stage persona).
  6. Manicure is a must. Remember, you may be shaking a lot of hands after your talk. You don’t want to be perfectly coiffed in your photo while your nails are looking rough.
  7. Make your eyes pop on your marketing materials. Do you know what colors look great on you and will make your eyes pop? If not, you can learn or watch our Eye Candy to learn this simple trick.


All of these tips coupled with any public speaking training will make you a stronger speaker (and please avoid a gray outfit, even if it is a gray cute outfit, while you are on stage).


Source: Science of People, https://www.scienceofpeople.com/color-psychology/


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