What Is Wrapping Your Hair, and How Is It Affecting Your Style?

How to Wear Articles May 4, 2018

For those of you who don’t know what wrapping your hair, here is a quick explanation. It is common in the African-American and Dominican communities. It is a way to keep your hair nice and straight so that it lays flat in the morning. If you are someone who gets blowouts, it is also a way to keep it nice for a few days. Here is a link to YouTube videos explaining what hair wrapping is:

Video 1: Click here.

Video 2: Click here.

Many people just use a head scarf that you get from the hair salon or the beauty supply to wrap your hair. However, why can’t you have a pretty head scarf? Wearing a stylish scarf is how to wear a head scarf. I went on a quest to find some very pretty head scarves and found many unexpected places to find pretty ones. Some things to keep in mind is that it does not have to be scarf specifically made to be worn on the head, and it does not have to be square.

As with most research projects, you start online with a simple Google search. With that, you will find many different websites that specialize in head scarves for women battling cancer. One is called www.headcovers.com. It has many resources on how to wear a head scarf.

You can also venture to Etsy.com to find interesting styles, prints, and colors for your scarf. I almost purchased one here.

I also thought, “Wouldn’t it be the epitome of chic to wear a designer Hermès scarf to bed?” Then, I researched the prices, screamed, “Jesus, help me!” and immediately abandoned that thought. I am sure that if I had a little more time, I would have been able to find an amazing deal on one.

Next, I decided to just keep an open mind and see what inspired me and my bedtime style over the next week. I ventured into TJ Maxx to look for other items and noticed that they had racks and racks of silk scarves, all under $25. There were so many colors and prints. I believe I purchased a Cynthia Rowley silk scarf. It has a coral pink print, and it is the one I use from time to time. It is so pretty, colorful, and happy that it makes me smile every time I use it.

So if you are trying to improve every aspect of your bedtime style, you might also want to look at what you wear on your head and embark on an adventure to find the perfect one for you.


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