What You Need to Know About the World’s Most Comfortable Dress

How to Wear Articles October 6, 2017

This dress has gotten a bad rap. You’ll see it worn in retirement communities. The stars of My 600-Pound Life wear this dress. The most famous person that wears this dress is a little Hawaiian girl who’s best friend is an alien named Stitch. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am talking about a muumuu.

Wait, did you just click away from this article because I uttered the word muumuu? I promise that a muumuu can be fashionable, and it is so comfortable that you will think, “Where have you been all my life?” The key to make the muumuu work is going to be the belt that you choose to wear with it. That is the secret of how to wear a muumuu. By adding a belt, you are creating a womanly silhouette for the dress. You put on a muumuu with a belt and some sandals and you are set with an outfit for the day. It is so easy that you will run up and down the block screaming this fashion secret at the top of your lungs.

How to Wear a Muumuu

The belt you choose to wear with the muumuu is important. If you have on a red Hawaiian print, you would wear a red belt with matching red sandals. Or you can choose an opposite color to add some pop to the outfit. For example, with a red Hawaiian print, you could wear a yellow belt with yellow sandals.

Another belt strategy is to go metallic. You can choose silver or gold to add some glitz and glamour to your dress. Pair it with coordinating metallic sandals, wedges, or high heels for a very comfortable look. This is how to wear a muumuu to dinner.

A belted muumuu can work on any body shape—tall, petite, pear, apple, and everything in between. You’ll love how comfortable the dress feels, and you’ll love how it keeps you cool in the summer. But most importantly, you’ll love the compliments you receive when people tell you that it’s a cute outfit.

You can get a more traditional Hawaiian-style muumuu, or you can get a simpler design or pattern. However, if you get a traditionally Hawaiian print, you can also wear it to your friend’s backyard luau party.

All you need to know about the world’s most comfortable dress is that if you wear it with a belt, you can keep that level of comfort with you all day long without sacrificing your style.




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