This Shirt Proves a Single Gal Can Take Style Advice from a Lumberjack

How to Wear Articles September 22, 2017

Your divorce is final. You are ready to start dating again, but first, you need to have a makeover and how to wear a red plaid shirt is part of your makeover. I mean, isn’t that the second act of every romantic comedy made? You need to enlist some help with your fashion choices. Maybe it has been a while since you had to get dressed up for a first date. I have the perfect person to help you.

So he is tall—really, really tall. But he is a true legend. He is an animal lover (in fact, he has a pet ox). He is a little scruffy looking with a beard and mustache because at heart, he is a true outdoorsman. But despite that, you can get some amazing style inspiration from him. Are you excited to meet him? His name is…Paul Bunyan.

That is right! This lumberjack American legend is going to be the source for your style inspiration in your dating life. More specifically, it is his plaid flannel shirt that is going to provide that style inspiration. Who knew a lumberjack would be so fashion forward? This plaid flannel shirt can be your single gal go-to piece because it is comfortable, it has tomboy appeal, and you can even wear it on a date.

So while there may be dating experts out there that tell you to put on a push-up bra, get extensions, and only wear four-inch heels to the grocery store, I am not one of them. What if you could meet the man of your dreams wearing almost the most comfortable thing on the planet, flannel? That is why they make pajamas out of that material. It is so comforting that it is the fabric of choice to lull you to sleep. Plus, what we all want to have is that effortless style, the kind that looks like you are not even trying, and a plaid flannel shirt can help you achieve that look (even if you spent two hours in the mirror to get that effortless “I woke up like this” hair).

Secondly, is anything sexier to a man than the pretty tomboy, the woman who can list the starting lineup of the 1989 49ers championship football team but could also be a Sports Illustrated cover girl? Even if your TV is tuned to the Puppy Bowl instead of the Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday, you can have that pretty tomboy appeal, and the flannel plaid shirt can accomplish that. Watch him walk past the high-maintenance style queen to get to you in your plaid flannel shirt.

Now you just have to learn how to wear a red plaid shirt and how to style it. Although we are taking style advice from a lumberjack, we don’t want to be mistaken for an actual lumberjack. On a first date, are you meeting up for gelato or a walk in the park? If so, wear your shirt with a pair of black jeans and ankle boots. Roll up the sleeves to show off your girly bracelets. For a preppy look, wear your shirt with a sweater over it. Or for an edgier look, pair with a black moto-style leather jacket.

Want to drive him wild on a date? You need some sexy outfit ideas on how to wear a red plaid shirt. Wear your plaid flannel shirt with a pair of shorts and wedges, wear it with a black midi-length fitted skirt and heels, or unbutton the first few buttons of the shirt to show some cleavage or the lace from a camisole underneath. The mixture of tomboy with the feminine will have him ready to ask for the second date.



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