Indulging in Too Many Comfort Foods? These Comfortable Clothes Can Hide That

How to Wear Articles November 17, 2017

Just put me in front of some peach cobbler, some fried chicken, or some greens with cornbread and you will see me give those sharks on Shark Week a run for their money with the amount of destruction I cause.


We love comfort foods! That is why they are called comfort foods. However, we know that if we eat them all the time, we may start to notice a difference in the way our clothes fit. Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you to put down that fried chicken leg. I am going to ask you to pick up some more leggings.


Most jeans don’t come with elastic waistbands, and most trousers don’t have elastic waistbands. Leggings have elastic waistbands, and that is going to be your ultimate style fix when you have indulged in too many comfort foods. Whether it is just indulging on Thanksgiving Day (you can name a pair of pants your “holiday pants”) or you have been indulging in mini-Thanksgivings on a daily basis (gravy makes everything better), you might have a need for some stretchy pants. However, you can’t quite justify purchasing from the maternity department when you are not pregnant, and you don’t want to be wearing the same pants as your arthritic grandmother who has round-the-clock care. So that leaves leggings as your go-to clothing option.


If you need some ideas for how to wear leggings to work, you need to look no further than this article. Here are five ideas for how to wear leggings to work when you have been indulging in too many comfort foods.


Five Ideas for How to Wear Leggings to Work:
  1. Wear leggings with an oversized sweater (one that is long enough to wear as a dress by a teenager) with a pair of high-heeled boots. The high-heeled boots dress up the outfit and make it appear more professional.
  2. Wear leggings with an oversized man’s dress shirt and riding boots. Button the shirt all the way to the top and accessorize with a statement necklace tucked under the collar of the shirt.
  3. Wear leggings with an oversized cardigan. Take the long cardigan, wrap it tightly around you, and then belt the cardigan to keep it closed. It will look like you are wearing a wrap-style top, but really, you styled the cardigan into a top (I get so many compliments every time I go out like this—people don’t know I’m wearing a cardigan).
  4. Turn a dress into a top. This can be accomplished with any dress that is loose and shapeless. Add a long necklace and you and your bloated belly are chic, stylish, and comfortable at the office
  5. In a more casual work environment, wear a long t-shirt under a long blazer. Roll up the sleeves of your blazer and add a cuff bracelet.
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