How Style Icon Diana Ross Made the Most of Her Style

How to Wear Articles May 18, 2018

When you think of Diana Ross, two words come to mind: glamour and wigs. Most of the time, she was full-on glamour with sparkles, sequins, ruffles, bright colors, and furs—everything that is the epitome of glamour. But every now and then, she would dial it back and do simple to remind us that even without accouterments of glamour, she can be glamorous in jeans and a t-shirt or a simple maxi dress with almost no accessories.


What happens when you learn to embrace the glam is that you now bring the attitude of glam into everything you do. That is how you learn how to wear outfits like Diana Ross. You have to embrace everyday glamour.

how to wear outfits like Diana Ross - split image of diana ross in jeans and a t-shirt and in a maxi dress


Wear jeans, a sequin top, a blazer, and boots to work. Your touch of glamour is the sequin top.



Add a faux fur scarf over your coat when you go into work in the morning. You won’t wear the scarf all day, but it is a great way to make an entrance and exit, and it will look great draped on your office chair at work.



Wear a ruffled skirt to work with knee-high boots



Wear a simple maxi dress and no jewelry with your hair pulled back in a simple bun. After a week of glamming it up, see if you carry yourself differently when you don’t have the sequins, the furs, or the ruffles. You will find that you do carry yourself differently. You will have that je ne sais quoi. You will have that thing that makes someone an “it girl” when we can never quite define it.


How to wear outfits like Diana Ross is to keep people in a state of expectation. You are glamour; you have these touches of glamour. You have an over-the-top aid. Just when you are expected to zig, you zag and show them a new definition of glamour as simplicity. And then people think, “It’s not the clothes. It’s her. And if we could only bottle that, we could make a million dollars.” So if you want to learn how to wear outfits like Diana Ross, you just need the attitude of glam and keep them in a state of expectation. Then, you, too, can embody a fashion icon.

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