VIDEO: Comfy Clothes Chic 2 – Thermal

Comfy Clothes Chic 2 – How to Wear Thermal

You can have both style and comfort. Learn how to wear thermal and style the most comfortable pieces in your wardrobe. Let’s chillax and give thanks to our extra comfy clothes that are like chicken soup for the fashionista soul. Toss aside your high heels, throw out your Spanx and relax into these stylish ensembles.

This episode will show you how to wear fleece stylishly and dive into an extra comfy thermal:

  • See the two stylish outfit ideas using thermal (starts at 3:47 in the video)
  • Enter to win one of the scarves shown (at 8:58 in the video)
  • Here my story about someone who offered me comfort when I needed it (starts at 6:56 in the video)
  • Share the slideshow with someone special via email or social media


Use this link to share the slideshow and enter to win a scarf:


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