Dress Like a Boss: The Wedge Fund Secret

Business How to Wear Articles August 25, 2017

In case you are the last one to know this, boss is the latest word to denote power. It could also just mean something that is awesome. You’ll hear phrases like “That’s boss” and “Dude, she’s boss!” If you look at Amazon book titles, you’ll see things like How to be a Bawse, GirlBoss, and Boss Bitch . (Not to mention all the erotic fiction titles with boss in the title – I mean, is it its own genre now?)

We all want to be boss in the street lingo sense but also in the more traditional sense. That may be the reason you decided to become a real estate agent, independent salesperson, or consultant. You wanted to be your own boss. When you think of a powerful female boss, maybe you think of someone that runs a hedge fund. You may think of someone in a perfectly tailored outfit, with perfect hair, and every nail glossy and without a chip. And of course, she has on a pair of sky-high stiletto heels. So now, you may be thinking, “I can’t be a boss! My podiatrist won’t let me. My feet won’t last one hour in those heels.”

Well, there is a way to get a little bit of that boss look without the foot pain of a true boss. You don’t run a hedge fund, but you can use the wedge fund secret to create boss looks, and of course, I mean that you need to get onboard with how to wear wedges to work. You may be thinking, “Yeah, those are cute. I wear them to the beach all the time. I can’t look like a boss if I am dressed like a beach party is going to break out any minute.” The wedges that you are used to may be wedge sandals, but there are many wedge styles that appropriate for the office and can have you looking like you are the boss. The trick is you have to know which ones to get and how to wear them.

The wedges you need to get are not the ones that look like they belong at the beach. So you want to avoid wedges that look like they have rope, rattan, or cork on the wedge. Those are for the beach or for wearing with your maxi dress on the weekend. The wedges you are looking for look like they just replaced the stiletto heel with a wedge; they look office and boss appropriate. You don’t have to worry about only having basic black wedges, you have many more options on how to wear wedges to work. You could also have a leopard print, metallic, or a fun color that will add a pop of color to a monotone outfit.

And lastly, you have to know how to wear them. A favorite look that shows how to wear wedges to work is to pair them with long wide-leg pants. However, you can also style them with a pencil skirt or a midi-length tube skirt. When you wear these shoes with your outfit, your clients and colleagues will say, “Damn, those shoes are boss!”


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