STYLE PROFILE: The Cute Outfits of Huma Abedin

The Huma Abedin cute outfits rule would be… wearing a bright colored striped top with white jeans.




The Huma Abedin cute outfits rule would be wearing a bright-colored top with white jeans.

You may love her or you may hate her, but you gotta give it up when she wears a cute outfit. This post provides a style profile for the many cute outfits out there and the women that are wearing them. This post features a cute outfit of Huma Abedin.


 Name: Huma Abedin

Occupation: Former Political Staffer

This is one of her featured cute outfits because…

bright colored loose fitting striped top with white jeans

You can recreate this cute outfit by…

looking for how you can pair your striped tops with white jeans (bonus points if you also pair it with adorable ballet flats).

♥ AJ




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