12 Wardrobe Moves to Power Up Your Work Style

Outfit Ideas Articles September 8, 2017

Is your work wardrobe so boring that you find yourself envious of the Oompa Loompas’ work wardrobe? The white overalls are just so cute, and they never have to worry about what to wear. Well, it is time to snap out of it. So grab a Wonka bar (or whichever candy bar you have handy) and browse through these leather jacket outfit ideas to power up your work style.

So here is step number one: You need to get a motorcycle-style leather jacket. You can now wear one without worrying about having to be jumped in as a Hell’s Angels member. We are going to use this jacket to improve your work outfits. Now, because this is for work, you’ll want to your first leather jacket in a neutral color, like black, white, chocolate brown, or a soft gray. Now, all we are going to do is to add this jacket to some of your standard work outfits. Follow these 12 leather jacket outfit ideas:

Add to your suits.
  1. If you typically wear a suit with a suit jacket or blazer, try swapping out the blazer for your moto jacket.
Add to your dresses.
  1. Wear with your maxi dresses – It blends the really girly with the tough.
  2. Pair with your sheath dress – Mix and match the traditional with attitude.
  3. Wear with your shift dress – Who knew a leather jacket would make this dress even better?
  4. Pair with your A-line dress – Flatter your figure while you power up your work looks by adding this jacket.
Add to your tops.
  1. If you are wearing a button-up white blouse, looking very prim and proper, keep them guessing by adding a leather jacket.
  2. Trying to stay warm and cozy by wearing a turtleneck? You can be even more stylish in your turtleneck by adding a leather jacket.
Add to your skirts.
  1. Wear it with your pleated skirt. It is like the goody two-shoes class president hanging out with the school delinquent. It’s so intriguing that people can’t help but comment.
  2. Be extra sexy with a pencil skirt and leather jacket combo.
  3. If the combination works with a maxi dress, it will also work with a maxi skirt.
Add to your pants outfits.
  1. Nothing beats the classic jeans and leather jacket combo. You can get away with this on a casual Friday.
  2. Add to any of your work outfits that usually include a pair of work trousers.

You now have 12 ways to power up your work outfits, and you have no reason to envy the Oompa Loompas except for their fierce green wigs. You would never have to worry about a bad hair day again!


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