Your Career Can Forge Ahead Thanks to These Two Things

As a real estate professional, your first impression is your income. A bad first impression means pushing a shopping cart full of recyclables in between your showings to help cover overhead. Okay, things may never get that dire, but how can you make a good first impression if your taste in clothing is more “What’s clean and stain-free?” than “What’s new on the runway?” A great way to hack the polished and professional code is with your shoes.

Your shoes can make a great first impression for you and create amazing outfit ideas for a first impression. Here are two designer shoe recommendations.

Non-everyday high heels –  the foundation to outfit ideas for a first impression

If you had to get two pairs of designer shoes to buy, they should be a pair of non-everyday high heels and a pair of boots. An everyday high heel would be the basic, classic black or brown high heel you could wear with almost any outfit. Now, you might be thinking, “I’ll get my money’s worth if I buy classic high heels that I can wear every day.” While that may be partially true, remember that the goal is not to get your money’s worth in the traditional sense but to make as many jaws drop as possible. So when you are deciding to splurge or bargain shop for those designer heels, you want something with a pop. You want an unusual shape, color, pattern, or height. You need something that is going to elicit a compliment from a client or potential client and make your fellow realtors green with envy.


A good pair of boots – the key to outfit ideas for a first impression

The second pair of jaw-dropping designer shoes you need is a good pair of boots. In Jacque Strafford’s book, The Wow Factor, she writes that the way to look wealthy or Chi-Chi is with a pair of boots. I completely agree with this. Also, these boots can be an investment; if you take care of them, they will last a long time. Get these in a classic style so that you can get maximum wear from them. A pair of designer boots is always going to get you compliments from clients, customers, and perfect strangers that you can convert into prospects. I would recommend a knee-high style in either a low-heel riding boot, a wedge boot, or a high-heel boot. Either way, the knee-high style is classic.

If you don’t have the time, energy, money, or taste for a full wardrobe, then just get the two pair of shoes mentioned above to immediately step up your wardrobe and allow your career to forge ahead with always making a great first impression.


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