LOOK BOOK: Frenemies 4 – Fitted T-shirts

If you want to get look like you have a slender back, this is how you pull it off. This is one of many potential outfit ideas for back fat because it is a loose fitting peasant blouse.

Fitted t-shirts would be a no-no for if you want to hide your back fat, but this top creates a perfect illusion to hide it. This outfit was inspired by outfit ideas for back fat from the fourth episode of the series, Frenemies. You can watch the fourth video by clicking here. You can follow the series, Frenemies on our YouTube channel or on the blog.


More Outfit Ideas for Back Fat:
  • Wear with jeans and boots for an autumn look
  • Pair with an open cardigan for a wear to work look
  • Wear with thick tights on a cold day


What Compliments Could You Expect From This Outfit:
  • “You look like you lost weight”
  • “I love that top”
  • “I like your purse”


You can see all the looks from the Frenemies series by browsing through the Pinterest Board.


Remember, you can do this! You now have all the ideas you need for outfit ideas for a back fat.


♥ AJ



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