What to Do When Your Spouse Gives You Side Eye before Bed

Outfit Ideas Articles April 20, 2018

We’ve all had this happen to us, but many times, we ignore it or are too tired to do anything about. You are dressed and getting ready to go to bed, and your partner gives you a strange look. Sometimes, it is subtle, and other times, it is not so subtle. Sometimes, it’s just a little side eye, and sometimes, it is a full-on “What the hell are you wearing?” expression on their face. And sometimes, you want to scream, “So what if I am dressed like the woman that feeds the pigeons in Mary Poppins? Feed the birds, tuppence a bag!” But you don’t care because you are comfortable and so tired that you just want to go to bed.

If you have been given the side eye from your partner often, you may want to rethink what you wear to bed or maybe you just need some outfit ideas for bedtime. I was recently given some advice by my hairdresser who was newly engaged (for the third time). As this was her third go at marriage, I asked what she had learned and what advice she had for me. She said sometimes you’ve got to dress cute and sexy even if you are at home. I internally rolled my eyes and thought, “Isn’t that some anti-women’s movement rhetoric? Should I also make a pot roast every night and mix him a drink when he gets home?” But as she continued talking, I thought that there might be some truth to her words. I mean, usually, when I wear my lingerie is also when I’m sick (I have a fever and need to cool off). They won’t show that on the cover of the VS catalog!

She wasn’t saying that I need to dress up as a Victoria’s Secret model every night to go to bed (those wings would be uncomfortable to sleep in). But every so often, you might want to swap some sex appeal into the routine. If most of us really think about it, after being in a relationship for a while you, dress differently. In the beginning, it was sexier and a little more playful. Eventually, you trade in your Victoria Secret night gown for the Victoria Secret Pink sweats. (They are so comfortable, and they are right there when you walk in the store). So I decided to make a change and wear comfy sweats one night and then switch to something more playful. This small change in habits can yield many outfit ideas for bedtime.

I noticed a difference in myself. Sometimes, I actually slept better because I was wearing cooler clothing and fabrics. An unintended side effect of changing up my outfit ideas for bedtime. My husband noticed (he made several comments about my attire). It made bedtime a little more fun. I got to think, “Hmmm, what should I wear tonight?” I started by buying more colorful and fun PJs, and I liked it. Some are sexy, some are not, but none of them are the bag lady from Mary Poppins. And I no longer got the side eye from my husband. I guess I could always use my former sleep attire as a Halloween costume. Now, I just have to learn the words to “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”


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