VIDEO: Haute Wheel – 1 – Ebay

Haute Wheel – 1 – Ebay – Personal Shopper for Designer Clothes

Hi-Lo dressing is not a salad dressing for bi-polar people. Hi-Lo dressing means mixing high-end designer pieces with lower budget or mass market pieces. Think of it as Marc Jacobs meets mark downs from Target. By mixing the two you can produce stunning style results and many compliments. Now the only question is how to get our hands on some designer pieces to make this makeover happen? Here is Ebay – Personal Shopper for Designer Clothes

This video series is called Haute Wheel and we will explore how to pull off hi-low dressing and how to get the lowdown on low prices, get haute style for hot prices so we can begin sprinkling in designer pieces into our wardrobe. Step right up folks and spin the wheel!

This episode is all about how to score designer gear on ebay. In this episode we will cover:

  • What is Hi-Lo dressing?
  • My eBay finds (starts at 2:14 in the video)
  • Complete the scavenger hunt challenge for this video by finding a pair of designer shoes on eBay for under $250
  • Stay tuned after the video “ends” for a “hidden ending”

Click here to download the scavenger hunt:

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