An Uplifting Take: Top 5 Graphic Tees for Women with Curves

Do you get down in the dumps sometimes wondering why they don’t make cute clothes for curvy gals? Well, the good news is that every year it gets better and better, and many mainstream retailers now make cute clothes for many sizes.


If you think that cute graphic tees and tanks are only for stick-thin yogis who think kombucha is an indulgent dessert, think again. Here are some of the places you can shop to get an awesome graphic tee. You can be your own personal shopper for graphic tees when you browse these stores.


Charlotte Russe

Do you think this store is only for pre-teens and teens? Not so. They have very stylish graphic tees in 1X, 2X, and 3X. Even if you don’t traditionally wear a 1x, you may want to try out these t-shirts.



I love that Target even makes super-cool concert and band t-shirts in more sizes. You can get Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and Johnny Cash graphic tees ranging from sizes 1x to 3x.

This store has many plus size graphic tees and tank tops ranging from American flags to cute sayings, like “I run on lipstick and sarcasm.” You’ll want to browse this website to see what super-cute graphic tees you can find.



The giver of Kohl’s cash and all of those sales and discounts also has stylish and funny graphic tees availability in a larger variety of sizes. The have graphic tees that say things like “Save Water Drink More Wine.” Sizes range from 0X to 2X.


Forever 21

This is another store you may think is not for grown-a** women, but it has awesome graphic tees in cute and colorful styles, just the kind you need to remove the boredom from your wardrobe.



Also, check out store websites, like Lord & Taylor. You can get designer graphic tees in plus sizes from designers such as Rachel Roy, like the one shown here.


You now have multiple resources to uplift your spirits and uplift your wardrobe. Happy shopping being your own personal shopper for graphic tees, and make sure to strut your stuff in your graphic tee as you pass the stick-thin women sipping kombucha.



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