How Many Leggings Should You Have?

When is it too much? Is it too much when you have a pair for every day of the week? Or is it when every photo of you depicts you wearing a pair of legging? Or is it when your sister opens your drawers and your closet, turn to you, and says, “Are leggings going to be the new currency after the zombie apocalypse?” When can you say that you have enough leggings? Do you need a personal shopper for leggings and wardrobe basics?


It seems whenever I want to wear mine, I can’t find them because they are in the hamper. I probably should buy more, but I am worried about my wardrobe turning into a leggings-based wardrobe. So let’s say I should have 3 or 4 pairs. Black leggings are a must, and depending on your laundry cycle, you may want one or two pairs of those. You may also want a gray pair, and for the fourth pick, you would want another color or a print.


So if you are going to have only 3 to 4 leggings in your wardrobe, you need to ensure they are the perfect pairs for you. You do not want to have the cheap type that are see-through when they stretch and make you look like you’re wearing pantyhose. Unfortunately, those images litter the internet with women caught unaware in see-through leggings. While wearing your leggings in good lighting, you may want to bend over in front of a mirror to see if they are see-through. This generally means you will have to spend a little more for your leggings, but trust me—it’s worth it. You don’t have to worry as much about the wear and tear of them. If the leggings are thicker, they will also keep you warmer and be even more comfortable. As the saying goes, once you go thick…


You may also want to try different sizes if you think you might be petite or tall. You’ll want to try out those options. The best pair of leggings I currently have were purchased from Long Tall Sally online, and those tall leggings fit me better than any other ones. Now, I am only going to buy tall leggings.


Print leggings are tough. You want them to not be too trendy but also not so festive that you’ll look like your Aunt Martha, who helps you to tell the time of year by her wardrobe with pumpkin leggings in October, heart leggings in February, and Christmas tree leggings in December. (And her yellowed Christmas tree leggings bring good cheer to no one.) A favorite options for print leggings are tribal prints. The more adventurous fashionistas can venture into camo prints or even floral prints.


You don’t need to hire a personal shopper for leggings. Just know that you need 3 to 4 pairs of some basic colors and maybe patterns. Save the personal shopper for leggings for more important items, like a dress to the presidential inaugural ball. What? You didn’t get an invite? We’ll see who gets an invite after the apocalypse and your old stash of leggings allow you to become the Bill Gates of the new world order.


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