A Painless Way to Create Cute Outfit Ideas Based on the Movie Pretty Woman

Outfit Ideas Articles July 13, 2018

We all have a favorite scene from this movie. Is it when she is singing a Prince song in a gorgeous, oversized bathtub? Is it when she does the Arsenio-style arm pump at a polo match? Or when Rickard Gere pretends to close the necklace jewelry case on her finger?


Whatever your favorite scene is, we love this movie because it is a fairytale complete with Prince Charming and a damsel in distress. We also love it because it has one of the best all-time movie makeover scenes that includes putting a snooty Beverly Hills sales girl in her place. (Is it just me or do you wish you could also re-visit people in your past and say to them, “Big mistake!”) Even though this movie is now decades old, there are some great Pretty Woman outfit ideas you can take into the real world. This is painless advice that will not cause you to have to go out on a Beverly Hills shopping spree.



Scene One

Vivian Ward: “You’re late.”

Edward Lewis: “You’re stunning.”

Vivian Ward: “You’re forgiven.”


When in doubt, wear a cocktail dress. You’ve been invited for an evening out and are not sure what to wear. A cocktail dress always works. It is a little bit fancy and a little bit casual because it’s short. The takeway is that to be stunning with the Pretty Woman outfit ideas playbook, wearing a cocktail dress is a good option.


Scene Two

Vivian Ward: “In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.”


In this scene, she is wearing a floor-length red gown, white gloves, and a borrowed, insanely expensive necklace. The outfit idea inspired by this scene is that if you want to have a really good time on any night, wear a red dress. This advice is so good that I am going to follow it tonight to go out for dinner.


With an event you are invited to, such as an anniversary dinner, date night, or first date, if you want to have a really good time (so good that you have to say thank you in advance), go put on a red dress.



Scene Three

Vivian Ward: “I want the fairytale.”


For this scene, she is not wearing a stereotypical princess-style dress when she is saying she wants the fairytale. Instead, she is wear a suit with a white button blouse. This reminds you that whatever fairytale you are hoping for, whether it is a significant other, a business, a baby, to lose weight, or a style makeover, you have to get down to business and not settle for anything less than the fairytale ending you want. However, the Pretty Woman outfit ideas for this scene is creating a suit with shorts. All you need is a jacket and shorts. It is a fantastic outfit for looking professional and getting down to business but also reminding yourself not to take it all too seriously.


You could take your black shorts and pair it with a white blazer and top to create a pulled-together and memorable outfit. Or take your khaki shirt and pair it with a navy blazer, white button-up blouse, and tan wedges for a leg-lengthening ensemble.

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