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Pretty Little Things


100 Dresses

Pretty Little Things is an effort to inject beautiful items into the lives of women and families that need it the most.

Our most recent undertaking is 100 Dresses challenge. This is an attempt to donate 100 new, stylish, trendy, and pretty work appropriate dresses to the organization Dress for Success.

It is my belief that these women not only need clothes for a job interview, but they deserve to have something really beautiful. A dress that gets them compliments. A dress that will give them confidence. A dress that will become their favorite and most importantly, a dress that is pretty so they can begin to imagine a new life filled with pretty little things.

To see the dresses donated for the 100 Dresses challenge, follow me on Instagram @ aishajones2788 or follow the blog and look for the tags Pretty Little Things and 100 Dresses.