Career Corner: Real Estate Agent Salary and Why Dressing Well is Important

Business March 30, 2018

A real estate agent is a fairly common job occupation in the modern world. Real estate firms house dozens of agents at a time. Sometimes real estate agents become independent and work alone as well. It is an occupation teeming with professionals looking to sell to any potential buyer. The reason why so many people choose this occupation is the healthy salary. A real estate agent’s salary clocks in at around $ 45,000 per year in the USA. Although not very high, it’s a healthy salary for a worker. A real estate agent salary can go much higher than this of course. To understand this in a better way, let’s take a look at what goes into making a real estate agent’s salary.


How their salary is made

Since real estate agents essentially have to talk with customers and convince them to buy something, they do get a small bonus for every single successful deal. Much like any other salesman, real estate agents get sales commission as well. Therefore, their performance plays a big part in their salaries. A real estate agent salary is also composed of bonuses. Agents working for firms often get bonuses that are a part of the company’s policy or performance based bonuses as well. A bonus can have a significant impact on determining their salary, depending on its size.

Independent real estate agents do not have a base salary. They rely solely on profit sharing. With every property sold they get a share in the profits. Independent agents have a far trickier job since they are wholly dependent on how much they sell. During dry spells, they might face excessive financial problems and run into a lot of trouble.

Taking all of these factors into account, a real estate agent’s salary can go as high as $ 110,000. Mostly after around twenty years of experience as agents, people go on to higher posts or create their own firms.


The Importance of Wardrobe for a Real Estate Agent Salary

Since real estate agents have to convince customers to buy a product, it is imperative for them to leave an impression on the customer. The customer must be wholly engrossed by the agent and impressed by them. An agent who is not well dressed cannot get the complete attention of the customer. To impress a customer, you have to impress them visually as well. No customer is likely to listen to someone who approaches them with a proposition while not looking impressive.

Therefore, real estate agents need to look as impressive as possible. Wearing well stitched formal clothes is advised. Agents do not need to look very fashionable, but just look neat and impressive. Therefore, anyone looking to take up real estate agent as their occupation should be aware of the clothing required for the job. Buying a few suits in advance won’t hurt.

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