Career Corner: Go From Real Estate Broker to Real Estate Power Broker

Business July 4, 2016


In the pool of real estate professionals, the real estate broker is the shark-hungry, ambitious, and with one thing at the top of mind: the game of real estate. As a woman in the professional world of real estate, you have been taught the basics to get your license. If you are a broker, you have even more education, more experiences, and more licenses. But have you been taught to be a shark? How can you go from real estate broker to real estate power broker?

Here’s lesson one. You can’t be a shark if you are in orange and white stripes that are more reminiscent of the Disney character Nemo. If you want to be a shark, you need to look like a shark. You need to dress like a shark.

You will often hear men say, “I need a power tie.” But what is the equivalent of a power tie to a woman? It is a power outfit. This power outfit is your costume for the part as a power broker. You are getting into the character of being a power broker. It is like the shark rolling its eyes back when it is getting to go in for the kill.

The power outfit is what you wear when you need to be “on” and firing on all cylinders. If you have an important meeting, event, or client to close, it is time to bring out the power outfit. Just by putting it on, you get a significant boost in confidence, which will give you an edge in many professional settings.

However, the most important feature of the power outfit is what it says. It says, “This woman has her shi* together.” It exudes confidence and competence. From the way that you manage your appearance and all of its details, it shows you can easily manage a sale, purchase, or office staff.

A power outfit has a couple of elements, such as fit and color. A great fit makes your outfit look more expensive than it really is. An expensive-looking outfit suggests that you must be doing well professionally. A great color can provide many subtle messages. For instance, certain colors communicate power and authority. Other colors may be used to help you stand out and stay memorable in the mind of a particular prospect.

If you want to go from real estate broker to real estate power broker, you need to have a power outfit (or several) that you can bring out at the important moments. You’ve left the real estate kiddie pool to become a broker. Now, become a power broker and learn to swim with the sharks. The next step is to wreak havoc with your competition, and there is only way to do that: a full-on sharknado.



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