#CareerCorner: Why Real Estate Careers Hinge on This Three-Inch Detail

Business September 16, 2016


Real estate careers depend on your ability to get the word out. And often you have to work harder than a pseudo-celebrity on minute 17 of her 15 minutes of fame in order to get people to pay attention. Real estate agents don’t have tools like TMZ or US Weekly to help with their efforts. It is completely up to you to get the word out to get new clients, let people know about a property that is for sale, or bring some traffic to your latest open house.

One of the key weapons in your marketing arsenal is your business card. Lack of attention to this three-inch card could be turning this powerful marketing weapon against you and making you into a suicide bomber that is intent on destroying your real estate career. Here are three details you should pay attention to regarding your real estate business card:


Your photo.

Your photo is important. It is like the headshot for an aspiring actor or actress. Your photo is what is going to sell you so that you are cast as someone’s go-to realtor. It can make or break real estate careers. Does your photo stand out? Does it have some wow factor to it? Or does it make someone say, “Why is the town librarian also selling real estate?” If I were to take your business card and spread it out on the table with 50 other business cards and asked someone to pick a realtor, would they pick up your card? If not, your current business card may be working against you, creating a barrier for referrals.


Your incentive.

Incentive? What the h-e double hockey sticks does this mean? It means that you need to give people a reason to hold onto your business card. Does a code on the card grant them access to exclusive information, like a free report titled “10 Ways Command a Higher Selling Price on Your Home?” Does it entitle them to VIP treatment? Give someone a reason to hold onto your card other than using it as an instrument to pick his or her teeth at the steakhouse.



Does the photo on your card look like the cover model of Cosmo, but when they meet you in person, you look like the September cover model for Too Exhausted to Try Anymore? (Magazine sales are declining, so it may have something to do with the title!) If there is a disconnect between you and your photo, it can breed mistrust with potential clients and potential referrals. You need to live up to your brand on a daily basis for true real estate success. What would happen if you picked up a Pepsi and it tasted like Sunkist Orange? You would be confused and maybe even upset that you were tricked. That is what prospects feel like when you show up looking less than your best.

Three inches may not be much, but it has the power to make and break real estate careers. Don’t let those three inches keep you from a career that could be a mile wide and ten miles long. And most importantly, implement the changes in this article to prevent this three-inch detail from becoming your career three-mile island, toxic and not allowing activity until 2034.

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