Career Corner: The Half-Truth of Real Estate Courses

Business August 24, 2016


They have real estate courses on real estate law, contract clauses, ethics, and the art of pricing and listing, but why are there no courses on how to BE a real estate agent? Real estate courses provide a half-truth on how to be a real estate professional. It is like you wanting to become the Queen of England, so you get training in British law, history, and politics. Then, you attend your first event as the head of state dressed in flip flops and cutoff shorts, eat with your hands, and laugh with your mouth full so that a piece of chicken lands on some ambassador’s lapel.

You have all the knowledge that the Queen of England needs to know but none of the social graces that create the opportunities for you to display that knowledge. The ambassador will not want to discuss trade envoys if he has to go scrub a chicken stain out of his dinner jacket. Similarly, as a real estate professional, you need to know how to conduct yourself so you have opportunities to tell people how you can help them. Just having license requirement real estate courses under your belt is not going to cut it. You need to know how to carry yourself, how to market yourself, and how to have a non-salesy sales conversation.


Close your eyes.

Think back to the time before you became a real estate professional. Get in your mind the picture of what an agent was. This was the picture that caused you to pursue your current profession. What does she look like? How does she conduct herself? What did you imagine her day to be like?


Now open your eyes.

Do you currently match the image that was in your head? If not, why not? What is preventing you from being the professional that you have always wanted to become? If this was a movie, this is where the makeover montage would begin. It would start with someone holding up beauty products while you shake your head and then end with you twirling post-makeover with a new look. Since your life is not a movie yet (#SpielbergCallMe), you have to attempt these changes all by your lonesome unless you have a fairy godmother on speed dial. The place to start is that initial vision that birthed your current career.

Write down a detailed description of that woman. What does she look like? What does she wear? How does she talk? How does she start her day? Who is her network? How many phone calls does she handle a day? What does her support system look like? How many clients does she have at a given time? How does she market? Don’t be a victim of the half-truths of traditional real estate courses on how to be an agent! Changing your career begins with changing who you are BEING.

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