Career Corner: Real Estate Marketing Strategies – The Importance of Having Industry Role Models

Business August 7, 2018

Throughout the course of human civilization, what really has kept us going is following the footsteps of those that are successful. Call it survival instinct or sheep psychology, following someone has played a major role in bringing us where we are now. In real estate marketing strategies, you could apply any tactic, but once you see that it didn’t pay off for someone before you, you would back off immediately – the survival instinct, you see.

Why should you have a role model?

Psychological motivation plays a key role in bringing us forward and in strengthening our resolve. If there’s any place you can get enough motivation, it is from someone who is known to do best in your industry. That person could be alive or not, but you could learn a lot from his or her life for the times to come. 


When we tend to decide something, we all look for guidance. In something so important as real estate, decisions matter the most and that is why having a role model could help you choose this from that. You could be easily guided into the future and could have a better insight into everything. 


Growing up in the real estate industry as an agent requires you to take steps that might otherwise be thought of impossible or hard. It is the inspiration that could drag you through your tough times and set you apart from the rest. You could actually have someone at your back who gives you his or her valuable advice. 


A mentor or a role model is the person that has the ability to tell you what’s right and wrong for your career. He could give you valuable insights aided by data, stats, and his own experience to help you discern possibilities from possible pitfalls in the industry. 

Starting out on your own might be seen as daunting, but having a role model is what drives a person in his or her career ahead. So, why don’t you have one?


Role models have a deep impact on not only our thought process but also our whole being. They are the ones that influence everything we do and do it for the best of us. 

Sometimes everything that’s needed is an impact that could shake us to our core and jolts us awake to take actions that could prove fruitful in the long run. The influence of a single person could cause revolutions and this is what role models are for. 

If you think you are lagging behind in the investment that you’re making or the property that you are thinking of selling, you should look at what your role model would do in the instant? 

That way, not only your career would see a boom but also your overall personality. 

If you are looking for a role model, you should start off by looking at the most successful people out there in your industry, no matter if they are living or not. It is time you work for your best interest and one way to do is having a role model. Those role models can help you craft effective real estate marketing strategies.

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