Referral Prizes

We all learned sharing in Kindergarten. You share your crayons with friends and the teacher gave you a cookie. I would also like to encourage you to share with friend, but you get something way better than a cookie. Tell a enough friends about the free makeover or any of my other products and services and you are eligible to receive the prizes below.

Pen Pals

For sharing with 20 friends receive, this set of confidence pens. You can use it to write to friends, make out your shopping list, or write in your very own Style Diary. They will always remind you to Be Chic, Be Confident, and Be Stylish. 3pensdiagonal

Friendship is a Mouse Click Away

For sharing with 30 friends receive this stylish mousepad. We spend so much time with our computers, why not have a fun and witty mousepad that will remind of the fun of shopping. MousepadImage

Friends Shop Together

For sharing with a friend that purchases a set of Style Recipe Cards. Both fun and sporty it has enough wit and style to make people stop, laugh, and ask where you got it.

Small Totebag Design

To refer friends use the form on to send emails to your friends. Make sure you use the same email address for yourself so that we can track how many friends you have shared with.