The Secret to Having Sex Appeal Even If You Don’t Love Your Body and Are Having an Outright War with Your Thighs

What to Wear Articles March 10, 2017

You have dieted, mastered the Master Cleanse, wrapped yourself up like a mummy, and even visited a hypnotist. Yet your thighs have not relented and are not stick-thin like Miley Cyrus’s thighs. Your mind has decided that you can’t be sexy or have sex appeal if you have thighs the size of yours. You can’t wear miniskirts or short shorts. You think there are no sexy outfit ideas for someone with your body. Luckily, you don’t need those wardrobe pieces to have sex appeal. And the pear-shaped gal can have plenty of sex appeal.

Here’s three sexy outfit ideas:
  1. Many of you ignore sexy, playful, and trendy tops because they are short-sleeved or sleeveless. So this limits the number of sexy outfit ideas available to you. Or so you think. You can wear the top with a jacket or cardigan. As part of your makeover for more sex appeal, you can venture into the teen department, sport a cute yoga tank, or wear a tank top with an ironic saying on it. This is important because if you are pear-shaped, you want to draw attention to the upper half of your body to make it appear more balanced. So you need to have fun with your tops.
  2. Use fabrics that have sex appeal on the upper half of your body and keep the bottom half simple. You need to add some fabrics that have sex appeal, like mesh, sheer, leather, and lace fabrics (notice these are all fabrics that show a hint of skin).  What about a white, sheer button-up blouse with a simple black pencil skirt? Moreover, as a pear-shaped woman, you also want to wear the lighter color on top and the darker color on the bottom.
  3. For dresses, belts are your friend and can help you look like you have more of an hourglass silhouette. When purchasing dresses, buy dresses that fit your hips, even if the top is a little loose. Adding a belt to a dress can help the top of the dress have more of a blouson affect and add volume to your upper half, making you appear as if you have a perfect hourglass silhouette. You can belt maxi dresses, dresses for work, or fun and playful weekend dresses. An hourglass figure is sexy. Even if you don’t have one, you can look like you have one by using more belts. It is a fairly easy style makeover secret for women with fuller thighs.
Remember playful tops, sexy fabrics, and belts


Even if you don’t love your body and you really don’t love your thighs, there are sexy outfit ideas for you. Create sex appeal with the three tricks listed above. One, get fun, playful tops (sleeveless or not) to draw the eye upward. Two, use sexy fabrics on the upper half of your body. These fabrics include mesh, sheer, leather, and lace. And three, belt your dresses. Those are three secrets to having sex appeal for pear-shaped women.


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