The Real Secret to Sex Appeal for Women Who Need to Makeover Their Style

What to Wear Articles January 13, 2017

So you want to have sex appeal like Beyonce? Well, the secret to that kind of sex appeal is going to come at a cost of a lot of crunches and lunges and choosing a peat protein shake over an In N’ Out burger. However, is there a secret to sex appeal that will work with your current body shape and your current age bracket? Of course there is! It is a sexy style makeover. To make it happen you just have to get out of your comfort zone a little bit. But that is what a makeover is all about; it redraws the boundary lines of your comfort zone. And this time, your comfort zone will include a neighborhood called Sex Appeal on the corner of Sexy and Sassy.

The first boundary line that needs to be redrawn is the fabrics you use in your wardrobe. You need to add some fabrics that have sex appeal, like mesh, sheer, and lace (notice these are all fabrics that show a hint of skin). So does this mean your work wardrobe should look like a Victoria’s Secret store in the mall? No, but if you have none of this in your wardrobe, your clothes have the all the sex appeal of picturing your brother in boxer brief underwear. (Sorry for putting that image in your head, but I had to drive the point home.) To makeover your style for work to include a little sex appeal, picture this: you in a black pantsuit with a white lace turtleneck with a white camisole underneath.

That black pantsuit makeover outfit is probably way sexier than the boring top that you usually wear to work. If the thought of wearing the lace turtleneck makes you feel like it is too sexy for work, it isn’t. You are wearing a turtleneck for crying out loud, and you are wearing a jacket, so the only skin that is exposed is from the top of the camisole to the top of the turtleneck. And this brings me to the next boundary line we need to draw to do some sex appeal redistricting: layering.

Many of you ignore sexy, sassy, and trendy tops because they are short-sleeved or sleeveless. Guess what? No one has to see your arms. You can wear the outfit with a jacket or cardigan. A jacket or cardigan is not an add-on; it is part of the outfit. The completed look would be absent without it. As part of your sexy style makeover for more sex appeal, you can venture into the teen department, sport a cute yoga tank, or wear a tank top with an ironic saying on it. It is full on sex appeal if you wear a teal yoga tank top that says, “It’s not swagger. I’m just sore” with white jeans and a white cardigan.

And we will end this comfort zone rezoning project at the cul-de-sac of Hourglass Figure Lane. An hourglass figure is sexy. Even if you don’t have one, you can look like you have one by using more belts. It is a fairly easy sexy style makeover secret. Can you belt your cardigan or jacket? Could you add a belt to a dress? Can you add a wide belt to a tucked-in blouse and a skirt for a work look?

So, there you have it—the real secret to sex appeal. It’s sexy fabrics, layering to make sexier pieces more conservative, and using belts to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. There is one other secret to having sex appeal: hire Beyonce’s personal trainer.



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