LOOK BOOK: Pop Tart 5 – Britney Spears

That dress looks amazing on you. That is what you could expect to hear when you wear this outfit.

This is the perfect outfit to wear when you need to get dressed up. You’ll love the compliments you get in this dress with sheer detail.

This outfit was inspired by Britney Spears in the fifth and final video of the Pop Tart Style Series, you can watch the video by clicking here. You can follow the series, Pop Tart on our YouTube channel or on the blog.

Sheer Outfit Ideas:

  • You wear this high heels
  • You could pair this dress with a pair of bright color shoes for a pop of color
  • Add some sparkle by adding in a gold clutch


What Compliments Could You Expect From This Outfit:

  • “You look so sexy”
  • “Now, when can I borrow this dress?”
  • “Look at you, showing off those legs”

You can see all the looks from the Pop Tart series by browsing through this Pinterest Board.

Remember, you can do this! You have all the sheer outfit ideas you need.

♥ AJ


P.S. Did you watch the first video of the series, that was had outfits inspired by Beyonce.

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